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Homeschooling Update | Year Three

Homeschooling Update | Year Three

It’s been three years since I formally started homeschooling. By formally, I mean, actually doing something daily for at least 180 days of the year. Essentially, I’ve been doing some form of homeschooling for almost as long as the Twizzlers have been alive, but you know. Life. 

With this year, I feel a bit more sure of myself, but still very unsure if I’m providing everything that they need. For instance, the ladybug will be 7 this month, and still doesn’t have a strong reading foundation. Before you come at me with stats, I know that every child will do everything in their own time, but most of this is my fault. I wasn’t as dedicated as I could have been, and I let outside influences (depression sucks y’all) keep me from being able to do a great job the entire year. When that happened, I spent more time focusing on beating myself up instead of pouring into the education of my children. Then I stopped. Forgave myself, and ponied up for another year. I won’t lie. I’m tempted to put them into a traditional school. Especially with all of the “When are you going to put them in school” questions that I get once I tell people that they are homeschooled. 

But, there have been so many great moments in this last week, that I’m feeling completely hopeful. 

Lil Miss being able to master writing her name perfectly. She has had some trouble with leaving loops out of certain letters, and thought us redirecting was fussing at her. With some gentle redirection, she got through it. 

The ladybug enlarging her sight word vault. We have a LOT of guessing with words and if I’m being honest, it drives me crazy. Mostly because I see someone who isn’t trying, but in actuality it may be something much different. We’re both learning as we go, and my patience level is definitely being perfected. 

Sir Twizzler is focused. So focused that when he finds something that he likes, he can stay glued to it for hours. Reading Eggs is one of those things that he can stay on. He’s a technology lover, AND he’s also skilled at switching over from the web page that he’s supposed to be on, to YouTube to watch He-Man and She-Ra cartoons. 

The Look of Homeschool

Two days out of the week, Mr. Houseful is available to take over lessons while I work on the blog, or prep for dinner. It’s a total blessing, and I’ve learned to ask for that help instead of thinking that he can read my mind. For instance, I found out that he honestly thought that I didn’t want his help. That I needed for homeschool to go a certain way, so he didn’t interfere. It may not be what happens with all homeschooling couples, but this one here just went through it. 

What we’re using: 

I’m happy to report that we’re right down the street from a Lakeshore Learning and I’m able to pick up some great items for our classes. I went in looking for Singapore Math workbooks for the ladybug, and found out that they didn’t carry for the grade level that I needed. So, I poured through some of the workbooks there, and settled on Spectrum workbooks. So far, I like them, but like anything else, we may have to switch up in the middle of the year because it doesn’t mesh well. I got math, reading, writing, and language arts. I also picked up a Scholastic Year of Science workbook that looks to be promising as well. 

World map found at Target. 

Smart Start Writing Paper which helps with forming proper letters. They start at the sky and pull down to the ground. It’s helping quite a bit with capital letters, and those pesky full line lowercase letters. It’s not often that I wonder how we learned in school, but this seems to be working, and I can just photocopy the papers when I get low instead of purchasing another packet. In a pinch anyway. 

I’ve also joined Scholastic as a homeschool teacher, and I love being able to order books for our classroom, and reading them as we need to. No waiting for books at the library or having to go out to the bookstore to purchase. No worries though, we still love our local library and spend as much time there as possible. 

I guess this post was more about getting my plan out there and written and to see that we are moving forward. We’re learning, we’re doing. There are so many posts about these homeschool geniuses that it’s hard not to feel left behind. 

If you’re a homeschooler, share some of your early homeschooling stories with me. There’s safety and comfort in numbers, right? 


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Sunday 1st of October 2017

I'm so glad I found your blog! I'm a homeschooling mama myself (first year I'm doing it on my own, but my son has been homeschooled from the start he's 9). It's great finding other families of color who homeschool and understand the challenges and successes that come with it.


Wednesday 30th of December 2015

Children Learn at their own pace..She will start reading when she's ready and then she won't be able to stop..Keep up the good work and don't let others sway your decision to educate your children.


Tuesday 15th of September 2015

Homeschooling Update | Year Three via @HFofNicholes


Monday 14th of September 2015

Homeschooling Update | Year Three

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.