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There hasn’t been an update about our work with Habitat for Humanity on our new home, and it’s been with good reason. Everything is going well, Mr. Houseful and I have been volunteering, and we’re also getting ready to participate in Raise Your Hand Chicagoland, a mega build with all of the Chicago area affiliates! We’ll be building the frames to 13 new Habitat homes on Michigan Avenue in Chicago! That’s the great news that we’ve been coasting on for a bit of time. 

We also have to let you all know, that we have our building! We’ve picked our plot, and the outside is fully up. Walls are constructed, and now we’re doing all of the sanding that our little hearts can handle. By the way, we walked into a Target with hair and clothes full of drywall and didn’t care one iota. We were working on OUR HOUSE! BOOYAH! We’re standing in front of the front area which currently has no steps, and taking a two person selfie. Is that possible? Whatever, we did it. 


We’re the corner house – the corner! There’s a yard, and a patio right off of our two car garage! No more parking wars with inconsiderate neighbors anymore, and boy do we have a TON of them. Like, we have a neighbor running a used car dealership on our wonderfully domestic streets. I can’t tell you how tired I am of seeing Dealers Lease license plates all over the streets. We won’t start with that though. I’m pretty sure that I can literally do a blog post on it. An entire 300 plus, word blog post, because I remember stuff. And I measure the random 2.5 feet  left perfectly between bumpers of cars to make sure that you can’t fit.

Wait. Where was I again. Oh, yeah, that’s right…..MY NEW HOME!



I see so much potential. Inside, outside, for my children, for me and my husband. I see long summer nights sitting in my backyard with my main man and expanding our dreams even more. I’m spying patio furniture in Target and just itching to get to the nearest Ikea (we have two in my vicinity.) to dream of decorating. I mean, we’re going to rule the world. Rule. The. World. 

We’re currently having to rethink our volunteering strategy because I made a HUGE error in calculating how many hours we had to do. For some odd reason I got 350 hours stuck in my head and I happened to be 150 hours off. As in, we have to do 500 hours of volunteer work before we can move in. I almost let that piece of information take the wind out of my sails but I had to stop and realize that we’re doing work on OUR house and whether it takes 350 hours or 500 hours to get there. We just need to be finished with those 500 hours before our oldest graduates from 8th grade. I hate even typing that. I’m the mother of an 8th grade almost graduate. 

Habitat-For Humanity

Don’t think because our house is up that we only work on it. Here’s Mr. Houseful painting the walls in our soon to be next door neighbor’s home. Talk about building a neighborhood! 

So far so good. We’ll update more while we continue this Habitat for Humanity journey and walk into our destiny. Too dramatic? Okay. Just stick around so you can see how a Habitat for Humanity full block build happens AND see our home edge towards completion. We’ll be picking out our cabinets and fixtures soon, and I can’t wait! 


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