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Growing Up and Out

Growing Up and Out

First Tooth Loss

This Friday, I leave on a jet plane for Malawi for an incredible journey. I’ll be teaming up with the Habitat For Humanity affiliate that we built through to build homes for foster parents of orphaned children due to HIV/AIDS. I’m humbled to be helping someone else on this journey, and seeing them as they raise each wall of their home. 

But that’s not what I want to talk about. For the moment anyway. Let’s talk about teeth. 

Let’s also talk about the fact that all this important stuff seems to be happening the week of departure and it’s freaking me out a bit. 

Mr. Houseful sprained his ankle, badly, and can hardly walk, the Ladybug had a loose tooth, and well, I’m going to miss the very first Mother/Son semi-formal at Nathaniel’s school. I’m pretty sure he’s not too disappointed, but I still would have liked to attend. I’m missing all of this stuff, and yet, I’m about to gain so much more. I’m anxious, and I know the reason that I am is because I’m leaving all four of the Houseful Of Littles. Granted, they’ll be with the best husband ever, but still. Hopefully you get it. 

Anyway, the Ladybug’s tooth came out, and a little part of me was happy because I didn’t have to hear about it on a different continent. Full disclosure, I pulled her tooth – of course it was hanging by a thread – but I pulled all of Nate’s teeth, and well, I WANTED TO CONTINUE MY RECORD! It’s tradition man! 

It also makes me a bit sad. Losing teeth is a sign of growth. A sign of growing up. No more cute little baby teeth. They’ll be replaced by bunny sized front teeth that look funny squeezed in between the rest of the little baby teeth. Next thing you know, she’ll be as tall or taller than me, and in high school. Just like her big brother. The same big brother who nicely told where to put her tooth so that the tooth fairy could find it. It was a very sweet moment that I’m not sure that I was supposed to witness, but I was happy that I did. 

Anyway, I’m a bit weepy, and nostalgic, and excited, and anxious. I can’t WAIT to go on this solo adventure, but I can’t help but think that tons of milestones will happen in my two weeks of absence, and I know that’s absurd, but I still can’t help feeling all of these emotions. This is what comes of some mothers. There are those that can handle long adventures with seemingly no type of issues, but can’t handle a dinner party, or making sure that all children are accounted for. Then there are those of us who live for the thrill of those parties, and events, and being room mom. We’re all different, and that’s what makes this parenting world beautiful. We’re even different in our ways of handling the loss of first teeth, which I found out this very morning on Facebook. Ask a simple question you get great answers with plenty of snark, and even a little bit of judgement thrown in for good measure. It’s all fun and games until we talk about parenting practices. 

So, what am I doing the last few days here in America? I’m baking loaves of bread, and cupcakes, and cakes. I’m cuddling a bit more since I won’t be able to for two weeks, and I might even pay a little bit of special attention to Mr. Houseful. He won’t mind. 

While I’m gone though, I won’t leave you all hanging! Some guest bloggers will be sharing recipes, thoughts on Mother’s Day, and some fashion with you. Mr. Houseful may even blog (don’t hold your breath) for me. Please show them your love, and make them feel welcome! 

Until then, let’s take care of some housekeeping. I have winners to announce for some very important giveaways that have ended. 

CHALK Preschool Online Subscription Shelly D. 

Middle School Literature Pack  Tabatha M.

Congratulations ladies! Please send me your information so I can get your items shipped out to you. 

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

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