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GameStop has What Your Gamer Needs this Holiday Season

Since Nathaniel (the cellist) has been big enough to  play any type of video game, he has loved taking trips to GameStop to pick out a game to master. I’ve enjoyed seeing him move from games with only one level of expertise to games with full story lines, and a different outcome no matter how many times you play. It’s also nice to know that can enjoy the freedom of picking out his own games for a reasonable amount with no problem thanks to the great holiday specials going on now! 

With our new move, we secured another GameStop location less than a mile for us (a win for Nate) so it still feels like “home” to him. Whenever I go off to grocery shop, Nathaniel offers to tag along so that he can roam around GameStop looking for new games to beat, and trade-ins. He’s now asking me for an upgraded game system. We shall see what Santa brings him. With a great variety of new releases and deal items, he most certainly has quite a bit to choose from. 

For now, we’ll be focusing on these great stocking stuffers that will help make his game time a little more enjoyable. While he doesn’t get a lot of screen time during the week, weekends are for relaxing and I would like to know that I’ve at least done my job in providing some sort of contribution to that. I can not tell a le though, that Nintendo looks to be calling my name. I’m sure that Mr. Houseful could use an old school butt kicking in the variety of Super Mario Brothers. I usually get kicked out of gamer time because Mr. Houseful and Nathaniel say that I always lose too many lives in the team games. I just say that they are haters and not very good teachers. You agree with me, right?! 

GameStop Holiday Stocking Stuffers

If you’re having trouble trying to decide what you can possibly get from GameStop, you can always visit their Holiday Hub and check out the areas that are available to answer your questions. Be aware that there are also various forms of payment methods which are accepted, which is music to my ears and makes Nathaniel feel a little more in control of his video game library. If there is a game that he’s mastered that he knows he won’t play again, he can trade it in, and use whatever funds he earns to apply to a game that he wants. 

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.