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Full Of Words Wednesday

TwizzlersI’m not sure that I’ve ever posted this much. Thanks to BlogHer and #NaBloPoMo, I’ve posted everyday this month so far! Upward an onward!

So, to play a little bit of catch up – and for the most part, the catching up will not match the photo above, so just stay with me, will ya?

This month, I admitted that I have moderate depression, that I am seeing a therapist, and that I sometimes think too hard about things.

This month, I’ve also shared some pretty neat things. A VTech giveaway, the fact that we’re going to the Chicago Toy and Game Fair, AND today – I get to share these cuties above.

Today, I chose happy.

Yes, chose it.

I chose to walk around and giggle. I chose to have company over even when my living room and dining room weren’t in perfect condition because I crave human interaction. Guess what? They didn’t judge. At all. And I’m not sorry that I did it – okay, maybe a little.

I chose to take it easy, and not fuss so much.

I chose to smile.

I chose to live in the moment.

And I chose it partially because of those two pictured above. My twizzlers. My blessings after loss, my babies.

I chose it also because of the ladybug and the cellist, and Mr. Houseful. I chose it, because I like them, like, a lot.

I chose it, because I can’t look into the eyes of Sir Twizzler and not feel some sort of pull at my heartstrings. His eyes are that powerful. If you don’t think so, I dare you to look into them without blinking. He’ll get you.

The best days are those chock full of randomness, that really isn’t all that random. Great big hugs from Lil Miss telling me how much she loves me, and my skirt, or my pants, my socks, my hair, my lipgloss, my purse, and yes, even my undies. She’s kind like that.

Them getting on the couch to snuggle means more to me these days. I struggle with living in the moment, and these little ones are constantly reminding me to do just that.


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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.