Full Of Words Wednesday

LadybugCarouselI dare you to look at this photo and not smile.

I like this age. Four. Where a kid toes the line of being a “big kid” and still “mommy’s baby.” She does both well.

I love seeing how her face lights up when she’s figured something out. I also love seeing her little brain work at trying to trick me or Mr. Houseful into letting her have her way.

I can’t lie, it’s hard being the mean parent sometimes, because this is the face that I get.

I also want to showcase how awesome she makes me feel about little things. While I almost never get to take a photo of myself with the kids, I did have the pleasure of twisting her hair up, because she wanted to “look like YOU mommy!”


It’s not too often that we get to hear our kids say that they want to emulate us. especially with a world being so social. Babies are on iPad’s now, so it’s not uncommon to hear of them wanting to dress like characters from their favorite children’s series. Not my ladybug. She wanted to wear a striped Henley just like mom, and have hair twists (albeit neater) just like mom’s. It touched my heart. And with Mother’s Day just around the corner, THESE are the types of moments that I don’t want to forget.


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