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Our Foundation’s SOLID – Solid As A Rock #CHIWomenBuild

Our Foundation’s SOLID – Solid As A Rock #CHIWomenBuild

“If the first woman God ever made was strong enough to turn the world upside down all alone, these together ought to be able to turn it back and get it right side up again” – Sojourner Truth



Mrs. Houseful here again (one of these days – Mr. Houseful will regale you in a post about our Habitat for Humanity adventures) and I’m here to talk about something close to my heart, but this time with a feminine spin. As you know, we were announced as a partner family with Habitat for Humanity last year, and I announced it this year on my blog. It has been an amazing, and very educational journey thus far. However, NEXT WEEK, I get to participate in my very first Chicago Women Build campaign, and I’m STOKED! We’ll be using the #CHIWomenBuild hashtag all week, and sharing how 120 women will be doing their part to support another awesome woman. We’re building UP! 

What Is Chicago Women Build?

Chicago Women Build is a four-day build bringing a community of 30 women together each day to learn building skills and work on a Habitat home. This year’s event will advance the home of the Robinson family, a vibrant family of six headed by Grandma Robinson, a woman who strives to keep her family together, safe, and supported.This build is kick-starting the Women Build home; all Women Builders team commit to raising funds before the designated build day to contribute to the cost of the Women Build home. To donate to Women Build, please visit

The reason that this is so important to me is that Ms. Robinson will be my neighbor. She’ll literally be living two doors down from me, and hopefully will be a part of our block parties, and clubs, etc. We’re helping to build my neighbor’s home, and I couldn’t be more excited! Ms. Robinson is such a sweet and compassionate woman, and it is such an honor for me to stand next to her as she builds her home. I’ve even got my pink tools and tool belt! 

Windy City Habitat for Humanity’s Second Annual Women Build will bring over 100 women together in the spirit of generosity and achievement to help build and find the home of a woman in need of a decent, affordable housing. Special guests include HGTV Kitchen Crashers, Alison Victoria; Chicago’s Best, Brittney Payton; and NBC’s Food for Thought, Dr. Sandy Goldberg. Support Women Build in empowering women to promote, fund, and build the home of a female head of a household!

Our affiliate would love if you could donate a bit to help them succeed in their efforts. Just click the button below, and you’re set!



I’ll make sure to share plenty of photos while on the build site. You can follow me on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook

You can follow Windy City Habitat for Humanity on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and make sure to check out  #CHIWomenBuild on all social media platforms. 




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Friday 13th of June 2014

Congratulations to you and 'Grandma Robinson'!

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