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Back To School Comes Soon!

Back To School Comes Soon!

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It doesn’t seem like it was that long ago that Nathaniel graduated from elementary school, yet it seems like it was EONS ago. It’s quite weird for me. There are several reasons for that. One being that Mr. Houseful and I met each other during our eighth grade year in elementary school. We called ourselves dating, and well…look at us now. Oh my, I can’t even think about it!!! Even back in those days, I remember Five Star being a part of my life. From Trapper Keepers to – was there REALLY anything else? Five Star had all the great organizational tools, and they’ve brought them up to speed for the tweens and teens of today. 

Anyway, enough with waxing poetic, with this new school comes new territory, and new options that he didn’t have in elementary school. I know that it seems weird, but having his own locker with a lock is new for my son. He had a locker in 7th and 8th grade, but no locks were allowed, and no personalization of his space. While I’m sure his new school won’t allow much personalization in the mode of stick ons, they will allow magnets, and the such. Since I’m such a dear spot of sunshine in the life of my son, I know that at least one picture will be reserved for me. Seriously though, I do love that there are so many great items out there to help keep him organized plus be able to pass the cool meter for kids. Back in my day, I got super happy with psychedelic unicorns and horses splashed with purple and pink and yellow. I’m not so sure kids today would be as happy.

Were you ever excited to get planners? I was. ALL. THE. TIME. The more space to write down my homework, and due dates for projects, the better. The unfortunate thing was that most planners were covered with paper, and not with poly covers like this Mead planner. It’s great for high schoolers who will no doubt, jam things into their backpacks without regard. This way, there won’t be any ripping, or lost planner covers. 

Mostly, I just got it for him so he could write down the most important day of all. My birthday, which was always the unofficial start of the school year for me. When my birthday came, school was IN! 


We picked up several Five Star items for him to start his high school journey off with. Mostly binders to keep his classes separate. Different colors for different classes always worked for me, so I figured we could do the same for him. Since, Nate is a budding artist, I loved being able to grab a couple that he could personalize with drawings or doodles of his own. Listen, being in school for six plus hours a day can be a bit taxing, sometimes all you have are your doodles. Is it cool to say doodles? I’m not sure anymore. You know, being that I turn 34 this year, most of my coolness has seeped out. Should have used more of it up during college. 

Another great aspect from the Five Star brand is the locker organization stuff. Magnetic options for locker storage abound, and can create all types of spectacles inside a locker. With extra storage space created with their locker shelves, to dry erase boards (I LIVED for dry erase boards when I was in school! If I’m being honest, I still kind of do.) to scribble notes on in between classes. Nate has informed me that he needs the hanging shelf unit, and a mirror, because…selfies. We’re waiting to hear back from his dean of students to see if all of this can go into his locker in the first place. HOWEVER, he will be organized with his color coded binders, and even the cool composition notebooks that they have. They’re sporting a great poly like cover, and match the binders perfectly. These will definitely be great for note taking – as he still likes to use pen and paper like dear old mom. I’m telling you, he’s almost me, with locs. 

With the great organizational class that he took this year during summer school (stop crossing  your eyes – I didn’t make him take it, it was part of a scholarship requirement) he did learn that he needs to be more proactive about school. Making sure that papers are organized, and kept in a certain spot. Making sure that he can find any syllabus that he needs without having to empty his entire backpack. Also making sure that when he completes homework, it goes into the folder for the correct class. I’m not foreseeing any issues with any of those problems, because we have these binders (which clock in at a slim 1 inch) will keep him straight. They will be able to easily fit into a locker and be easily accessible, given that he doesn’t stuff a weeks worth of gym uniforms in there. Making sure that all of his art supplies, pens, pencils, erasers and lead stay put too, will be a joy for us. I also *may* have snagged one of these to keep in my purse for all of the precious pens that I have. My pens are sacred to me. Don’t laugh. 



Basically, I just want my kid to enjoy school and not worry about how to keep track of the papers that he will have to do. We want it to become second nature. With our labeling and color coding system, I’m sure he’ll go a long way.

How do you keep your children organized during the school year? Do you adopt a color coding system, or do you just wing it. Now, to see that packed backpack – or bookbag (depending or where you’re from,) my granny always said book satchel. 


Happy new school year, and may this be a GREAT and organized year of learning! 


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Tuesday 11th of August 2015

Back To School Comes Soon!

Notorious Spinks

Tuesday 12th of August 2014

I'm a grad student and I still love 5-star. They hold up and are reliable. Great post and good luck this school year, son.


Thursday 7th of August 2014

Yes we have come a long way since Trapper Keepers! I love Five Star products and I just got a planner for myself. I think I love school supplies more than the kids do. Lol


Wednesday 6th of August 2014

I remember that the first day of school was always bitter sweet. Didn't want the summer to end, but definitely wanted to experience the new chapter in my life. Plus, who didn't want to use all of their new school supplies.


Wednesday 6th of August 2014

Definitely need this for my 7th and 5th grader. Can always rely on Five Star to have what you need. Great tips.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.