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During March the Madness Starts. Use Best Buy to #CatchItAll

During March the Madness Starts. Use Best Buy to #CatchItAll

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So. March is here. The entire month is like a walking celebration. Mr. Houseful went to a Division 1 School – I-L-L! and is not afraid to show his love for them. Between his birthday and the start of March Madness, this month pretty much rocks. I’m often reminded of this time in 2005, when University of Illinois went all the way to the National Championship. The game that sticks out the most was against the Arizona Wildcats in the regional final,when the game went to overtime and the Illini pulled out with a one point win. 

You know what would have made that game even sweeter? Had we been able to watch it in the middle of the parking lot where we were standing with our car doors open before going into a department store to find a tie for the cellist. Instead we were glued to the radio announcers voice as we waited for overtime to end. In our race against the clock to get INTO the store we were parked outside, we could have certainly been whoopin it up INSIDE if we had smart phones. 

Fast forward to today. While taking a trip down the aisle of a grocery store, Mr. Houseful was plugged into his wonderful phone listening to the game between St Louis and San Diego State and this time, he was able to simultaneously check scores of other games while getting real-time commentary on the game that was deemed most important for him at the time.  I on the other hand was able to happily look at my husband contorting and cheering silently among the spreads of cheese and wine while listening to the game. 

Here’s the deal in our home. Sports are welcome. My husband can watch almost any game on television as long as it’s good. I, on the other hand really only come alive for football, and that’s usually when my Bears are playing. This is why being a multiscreen family is good for us. Between our television (yes, we only have ONE) laptops, tablets and smartphones, we can all either watch something together, or alone. If there is a game that I’m not interested in, I can totally go into my office and watch something of interest on my tablet, phone OR laptop. The choices are endless. 

Because of my profession though, you can usually see me with both my pink laptop and smart phone at any time. I prefer doing the huge projects on the screen of my laptop because of the easy and efficiency of typing on a full keyboard. However, things like quick tweets and instagramming are a breeze with my smart phone. I can’t pick one over the other. Yes, I’m cheating.  I will say this though. The Galaxy Note 3 happens to be a great smart phone because of its large screen and stylus. I can literally get so much work done on the go, and even play a mean game of Bejeweled Blitz while waiting for a phone call or two. 

Galaxy Note 3

If you’re looking for ways to be able to #CatchItAll while on the go, and your multitasking skills are bar none, check out Best Buy which helps keep you connected to the excitement with the devices and connectivity that make it possible. You can go into your local store and ask the questions that will get the best screen in front of you, whether it’s a television, laptop, tablet, smart phone or all of the above! 

So, tell me, what ways do you love to stay connected and #CatchItAll? 

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Thursday 27th of March 2014

I'm definitely a multiscreen person! I love to browse the internet while watching my husband watching television! If I didn't have my computer, the poor dear wouldn't be able to watch anything because I'd talk him to death! LOL!

Janeane Davis

Thursday 27th of March 2014

I am not a sports person, but I do have multiple devices open all the time for writing, reading and entgertainment. I really like my gadgets.

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