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I. Hate. FLIES – So I got this Disposable Fly Trap

I. Hate. FLIES – So I got this Disposable Fly Trap

Disposable fly traps are turning into the best support system that we have on the farm these days. Continue reading why we love them so much.

There comes a point in time where we all become a bit of a monster. There is always something that sends us tumbling over the edge of sanity, and for me, it’s the presence of flies. 

I hate them. And don’t give me that “hate is a strong word” speech. I. HATE. THEM. I hate their multicolored eyes, and their refusal to give personal space when they have infringed upon your home. 

I hate their children, the wiggly little creatures that always seem to find their way into garbage receptacles. Always trying to find something to feed on. No desire to give any real thing back to the world except more filth. 

Maybe this is the reason that I don’t really like summer. Summer brings these putrid animals out and about and signals my ongoing battle with trying to rid the world of them one by one. 

With everyone that I splat, ten more seem to come in order to seek revenge on the two-legged being that killed their father. 

I don’t care. 

Except my fight is almost depleted. With the Nicholes Manor having the back yard and a dog that loves to have privacy if he happens to poop in said yard, I’ve found that there has been an influx of flies, so I decided to search the places that I frequent while shopping to see if there was anything that could help me. 

I think that I found it at Home Depot, but you can also order online as well.

It only set me back 6 bucks or so. 

Hanging Disposable Fly Trap

Disposable Fly Trap

I don’t have to keep it in my house and look at dead flies hanging on by two of their legs along with the family reunion that they decided to have. 

It gives me pleasure to SEE that they die. Do NOT judge me with your judgemental thoughts – they are FLIES! I realize that we’re supposed to love all of God’s creatures, but I may have to give up a precious stone in my Crown of Life if flies are to be agreed upon. I’ll give up that sapphire. 

The disposable fly trap that I got was simple enough. Just something you cut open, loop some string through (I used this jute line,) and then add water to it. I feel like I have to tell you right now that this isn’t a sponsored post, just pure unadulterated hatred of the winged demons drives my sharing of this information. 

This trap is a bit stinky though. It has yeast, and rotting whole egg bits in it to attract the menaces to society. I mean, they are attracted to PUTRID SMELLS. THEY MUST DIE! 

The ingredients included in the Rescue Disposable Fly Trap

I do think that I’m going to head out and buy like two more of these bags, and put one up by the alley since that’s where garbage pickup happens, and well, flies. They make my skin crawl, and it’s not a feeling that I enjoy having. I will tell you this one thing, if you do pick it up, PLEASE follow the directions and put it someplace far away from your doors to your home. The smell is quite unpleasant, but only when you catch it in the wind. It doesn’t stink up my yard, and so far, the only time that it caught me off guard was when I saw that flies were actually in the bag. 

Non-toxic disposable fly trap to rid your home of flies.

For all of you bleeding heart people out there, here’s some proof that there are no killing agents in here, it’s just that the flies drown themselves because of their greed for rotting substances. Stupid things. But, I need for you to notice that this bag is capable of holding 20,000 flies. Let me tell you this one thing. If I caught 20,000 flies in this bag, I would literally throw up all of the bread and cupcakes that I didn’t even eat because that’s DISGUSTING! I can’t imagine catching that many flies, and I hope that some smart fly decides to warn others not to come on my property. 

The water filled disposable fly trap is easy to use.

Because I’m in a mood. 

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Monday 23rd of April 2018

Hey, I was looking for a fly trap and have seen this fly trap you were using feature in a few blogs too. Can you let me know hows the trap so far? Did it catch anything?

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