Getting Rid of Fruit Flies

One of the better things about summer is all of the fresh fruit that you can get, at a moment’s notice. However, with fruit, and summer, comes the ridiculous spawn of satan that are fruit flies. I hate them. I hate them almost as much as I hate house flies, and I really, really, really hate houseflies. However, I have a quick little home remedy that will help in getting rid of fruit flies quickly! It only takes TWO ingredients, and I’m pretty sure you have them in your house already. If you don’t they aren’t expensive, and you’ll always be able to use them later. 

If you have dish soap and apple cider vinegar, you’re set. That’s all. No fancy cups, or concoctions, just two home items that you don’t need to use a ton of in order to send these monsters to the acidic graveyard that they deserve. 

Wait. I need to breathe for a moment. 

Okay, I’m better. I really, hate fruit flies you guys. 

The brand of dish soap shouldn’t matter, but there are a bunch of people who swear by the blue stuff shown below. I used it because I have it on hand, because I wash a lot of dishes, and don’t need smaller options to antagonize me. As you can see, the subject matter of unwanted flying guests really gets me in a tizzy. 

I used two tablespoons of ACV and a couple of drops of the dish detergent in a shallow bowl, and I was done. Some folks put plastic wrap over the top and poke small holes in there so that even if the flies don’t voluntarily take their last swim, they’ll be trapped either way. I don’t have plastic wrap or patience, so this is what I did. 

While I was taking photos a fly landed on the bowl and decided to give its life for an example, and proof that this works. 

I’m forever grateful. 

I may have also done a victory dance after it happened. I get a very strong sense of victory when I lift up this bowl and see the acidic graveyard full of little fruit fly bodies. I know that you all are not used to seeing this side of me, and I promise it only comes out when it has to do with animals that are meant to drive me crazy. 

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