Christmas is Almost Here and so are Christmas Traditions

It’s no secret that I love Christmas and all that goes with it. I do a countdown every year on my Facebook page, and while it apparently drives some people crazy, it keeps me in tune with the spirit of the season. I love the way that everyone’s temperament changes a bit when the officially holiday season hits on October 1st. Yes, that’s the official holiday quarter. Halloween, Thanksgiving, and then Christmas. 

While I celebrate Christmas in the religious aspect, I can’t help learning all about Christmas traditions from around the world. The way we love learning about other countries, I think it’s important to learn how they celebrate the same holidays that we do. 

Mythical and Legendary Creatures of Christmas Created by

I’m not quite sure how much I love that the bad creatures end up torturing and eating kids, but we all know that this is for the sake of getting children to behave around the holidays. Although, around here, we kind of expect them to behave the entire year, not just for gifts. 

I’m thinking that I may make this a unit study for our houseful of littles for homeschool. We can talk about the good verses bad aspect, and also, why these aren’t really real ways that we celebrate Christmas. I’m sure that my children will have very interesting thoughts about the entire thing. 

Do you have special characters that bring the holiday to life in your household? Tell me about them below. 


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