Celebrate America with Macy’s American Icons #AmericanIcons


Macy’s is once again celebrating all things American, with Macy’s American Icons : a celebration of the people, places and things that we love. It’s always a great time, and I was super excited to be able to go AND for Mr. Houseful to join me while I waltzed through Macy’s to check out everything that they had going on. 

We decided to hit both the men’s and women’s departments, because, duh, we’re a man and a woman, and I LOVED the setup that they had in each department. While Mr. Houseful does like his clothing to not fit in such a European way, he didn’t mind letting me get on this cherry red Harley above and snap a picture. It always gives me warm fuzzies to see cruising bikes because my Grandpapa always rode one. In fact, he would take us on rides ALL the time during motorcycle season, and we lived for it! It was something to hear the roar of his engine coming from his garage.

As you can see, red, white and blue are heavily used throughout the American Icons campaign, and they are done in such a stylish way, without feeling like you’re sporting the American flag. I would step out in a heartbeat with that number on the left. It’s so feminine yet comfortable looking. 


If clothing is not your thing, the housewares section had an awesome display set up as well. Lots of red, white and blue down here as well, and once again, not overkill. It was nice to see combos that you can use all year long for great get togethers with friends and family. 




Speaking of entertaining friends and family, in the houseware section of Macy’s we met up with blogger couple Kim & Scott of Yellow Brick Home and see their tablescape for an awesome night of outdoor entertaining. With the fact that we’ll soon have a backyard to entertain in, I was especially interested in ideas to spruce up our decor without having to purchase items that would be of no use to our family. They mixed up the expected red, white and blue and decided to use blue, yellow and grey to give a great summer palette a bit of an upscale look. 



They used an old weathered looking picnic table to set the stage for a great outdoor fete. Huge wooden salad bowl, and a steel bin for drinks, and you have a chic yet relaxed background for guests and family alike. Seriously, the wooden bowl alone is worth its weight in gold in our home. Especially during the summer. Salads are a life saver around these parts when the temperature rises. 




If you’re around a Macy’s, you should really go and check out what they have on display. If nothing for great ideas and the start of summer. Think barbecues, pool parties, and beach visits. Think white clothes all over the place. Think huge sunhats, and drinks the size of your head. If you need an idea, Macy’s has it for you. I can’t wait to set a grill ablaze and blast the musical stylings of good ol’ Michael Jackson. THAT’S iconic for me. 

What signals the start of summer for you, and what American Icon fits right in with that? 

 Compensation for this post was provided by Everywhere Society, but as usual, all thoughts, opinions and ideas for sharing are mine. 

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