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Seeds to Sow Directly in May

Seeds to Sow Directly in May

Hey there sower and growers! It’s May 1st, and it’s time to get outside and plant DIRECTLY into the dirt. I know, I know, where some of us live, it’s still slightly chilly, and quite wet, but it’s the…

We Sow, We Grow Community Garden Initiative

Help #WeSowWeGrow GROW!

Well, well, well. I’m stepping out for the We Sow, We Grow Project and opening our gardening doors for those of you who want to learn a bit more. It’s a group on Facebook in which you can ask…

Advocates for Urban Agriculture

Gearing Up for Gardening

Since Friday, Chicago has been hitting some record level warmth levels, and I’m semi here for it. I love being able to get out and enjoy the weather, but the cynic in me feels like there will be snow…

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