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Homestead Blog Hop

Homestead Blog Hop 221

Welcome to the Homestead Blog Hop! It’s a NEW YEAR and we’re starting it out with a bang! If you weren’t aware, I’m still on a mission to get our urban farm up and running by 2020, and we…

What Is The We Sow We Grow Project

Hi there! Do you find yourself over this way because of the article you read about me on Block Club Chicago?  I’m happy you’re here! The We Sow We Grow Project was started in 2016 after my husband and…

Finishing Farm Tour in Omaha Nebraska

Ask A Farmer

I know that for so many people, questions about food and where it comes from ranks high on their list. They want to know about farming practices, if anything is used on or IN their food, and how long…

5 Reasons to Take Your Children Grocery Shopping

5 Reasons to Grocery Shop with Your Children

This post was written in partnership with the Digital Voices Council of the USFRA. As you know, I’ve been working with them for the last year, and today, we’re talking about reasons you’d WANT to take your children grocery…

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