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Buy A Bra That Fits You Properly

Buy A Bra that FitsSo, yeah, I couldn’t think of a snazzier title to help you in your quest to buy a bra, so that’s all I’ve got. I’m thinking that this will a month-long series, because series are nice and neat, and I need that for my head space this November. I’m going to let you know that I usually have the worst experience when it is time for me to buy a bra, because well, I’ll explain it a little bit later.

Many women don’t know their true band and cup size, and for those who do, those sizes seem to vary infinitely from brand to brand. According to a study, 85 percent of women are wearing the wrong size bras. Just imagine. So many women don’t know the proper techniques to buy a bra, that they are letting their poor mammaries suffer for no good reason. Hopefully this series will teach you the proper way to buy a bra that is fitted correctly, so that you can stand alert with confidence. Yes, even the big girls can benefit from this post – you just may have to pay more.

Here are some hard and fast rules to live by no matter where you go:

When going to buy a bra, always do a bra fitting – you may fit differently in different brands – I’ll explain this more later in the month. Your band size and cup size should always stay in the same area, but sometimes, brands measurements may be off. For example, I was gifted with a Playtex bra and requested my usual size of 36DD – when it came, the band fit PERFECTLY, but I ended up swimming in the cup. Bummer too, because it’s such a comfortable bra in general.

When you go to buy a bra, know that you may not *always* be the same size that you were in high school, or college, or before the baby, or right after the baby. In other words, our breasts grow just like other parts of our body. It’s the joy of being a woman.

When you go to buy a bra – make sure that during the fitting they do these three things: Right underneath your breasts around the largest portion of your rib cage, to get the band. They should also measure OVER your breasts (covering the nipple) so that they can get your cup size.  Calculate, calculate, calculate. Now, I will go on record and say, that sometimes, even with calculations, you may just have to go with what feels the best, BUT most bras should do four things: The straps should NOT fall, and should NOT dig into your shoulder. The cup should not be so tight that you have breast tissue hanging out on either side, and your band shouldn’t ride up your back OR be set on any hook besides the first one. Last, the piece that connects the two cups (the gore) should lie flat against the chest area between your breast – effectively lifting and separating your breasts. Here is a video that I’ve found to help out in all instances. It may be a bit boring, but watch it, it helps.

Essentially, you want to look polished, but not like you’re smuggling torpedos (unless that’s your preference) and your nipples shouldn’t point toward your feet. I know that we all have some instances where we’ve broken a bra in, but chances are, you’re hurting your posture and allowing gravity to pull you down further. For those of us who have nursed, had babies, or are just naturally large breasted, we don’t need any more help.

In the following weeks, I will be reviewing four separate bras that I’ve gotten this summer.

Victoria’s Secret – strapless

Jockey – new measurement technique

Wacoal – lace styled pretty bra

Playtex – semi padded bra

I do hope that this information was helpful in some way, and that you will stick around for the series!


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Keyonda Pyles

Wednesday 6th of November 2013

Thank you for this series! I am one of those that have trouble finding that perfect bra. I am glad to see this video as well.

Thanks for sharing!

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