Spin Your Breakfast With Target: Target Breakfast Twist

Target Busy Family Project

If there is one thing that I’m SUPER bad with doing, it’s getting breakfast all set and ready to go with the children. Mr. Houseful is much better at it. There. I said it. I’m not sure what it is. Maybe it’s the bad habit of staying up way past the time that we put the children to sleep, but getting up and “making” a breakfast other than cereal with milk poured into it, is a bit difficult for me. Enter the Target Breakfast Twist  Project and now there are so many things that I can think of making with a few simple ingredients. 

I’m sure that my ancestors would shake their heads in disbelief. I try. Like I said, Mr. Houseful wins at breakfast. We can get french toast, scrambled eggs, grits and bacon in a hot second. I’m all, “Meh, let’s use the MICROWAVE!” So, when I was challenged to get  breakfast on our table during the Target Breakfast Twist Project campaign, I begrudgingly said yes. Not because I think that Target is horrid, but because it would be cause for me to TRY to do a meal before lunchtime in our crazy household. Judge if you must. 

Truth be told, I really do like having my children sit around the table asking me all sorts of random things as they are waiting for me to make their fuel for the morning. It’s funny to hear how 5 and 3-year-old brains work. This week, we’ve been focusing on humans. And leave it to me to turn breakfast into a full-blown homeschool lesson as well. This morning we discussed how humans need fuel to survive. Like cars need gas. We had a side conversation about how car gas in indeed NOT human gas, and collapsed in a fit of giggles. Wait…what was I saying? Anyhoo, we had two different choices for breakfast this morning. The oatmeal with fruit shown above, and granola bars topped with Nutella, Jif Peanut Butter and bananas. I may actually end up eating breakfast more than just once a week. 

Target Busy Family

These happened to be much more of a hit than I anticipated. It’s always amazing how much we think our children won’t eat, even though we may have those children that never scoff at avocado, sushi, green beans, etc. Great snack, great breakfast, great all around food. Full of protein, and with just enough sweetness to soothe the sweet tooth of Mr. Houseful and the cellist. 

Just so you know, this is my second batch of these supplies. As General Mills, through Platefull Coop, provided the first round and the houseful blazed through it, it was necessary to purchase more to show you what we did in fact come up with. 

Other items you could throw in the mix would be granola, any of the Big G cereals, yogurt, some jam (can you say parfait?!) and any selection of fresh fruit you can get your hands on.  You can find BUNCHES of ideas on Target

Targets all over the country may be sporting end caps like I spied in my local Target. If you notice, there are different flavors of the Kettle Cooked Apples that I added to my oatmeal up top as well. Those would be perfect for breakfast you

Target Busy Family Project

What will YOU make for your breakfast twist? Check it out and feel free to share below! 

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