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How does the Subaru Legacy Measure Up?

How does the Subaru Legacy Measure Up?

My Week In a Subaru Legacy

I’ve been writing about my experience driving the Subaru Legacy for a week, and this is the last post in the series. If you missed the other two, you can check them out here and here and see where the car took us. We also trekked to Peoria to celebrate the birthday of godfather of the Twizzlers, and we realized that we hadn’t filled the gas tank since we got it. That was four days and HUNDREDS of miles driven into our loan. Great gas mileage there. 

The very first days that I had the car, I drove around just to get a feel for it, and to see how it handled under my hand. I stopped to also fill the trunk full of items that I would normally get. I never got the chance to do that, as the trunk is DEEP. I could have gotten groceries for three weeks and still had room left for other items.

Subaru Legacy

Of course a stop at a LQS (local quilt shop) was in order as well. The Quilter’s Trunk is a place that I love to visit when I have time and a little bit of extra spending money. It’s also within a five mile radius of my house and that’s not normal in Chicago. The previous LQS I would visit was The Needle Shop and now I can’t get there nearly as much as I used to. The postal worker in the background, which you may not be able to see, asked what kind of car this was, and she thought it was a make of a higher end. Talk about smooth looking. 

Subaru Legacy in front of The Quilter's Trunk

Once again, I have to say that the gas mileage on this car is phenomenal. Chicago is full of stop and go traffic, especially on the south side, or maybe I’m biased because I moved over here from an area that wasn’t as congested to me. Also, don’t tell this to my crossover vehicle, but I really miss the feel of a fluid moving vehicle close to the ground. Make no mistake, I love my car, but there is something about being able to get close to the road and move through traffic without having to pull extra weight. Unfortunately, all of the houseful couldn’t fit into this car, and we had to rotate them all through during the week of this loan. 

How does the Subaru Legacy Measure up?


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