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8 Things About Anthony Gonzalez – Disney Pixar Coco’s Miguel

8 Things About Anthony Gonzalez – Disney Pixar Coco’s Miguel

Anthony Gonzalez - Miguel from Disney Pixar's Coco

If you haven’t seen Coco yet, you’re missing out on a good time. Anthony Gonzalez who voices the main character, Miguel, is a breath of fresh air. He’s not quite a full-blown teenager, but he’s well aware of the blessings that have been bestowed upon his life, and he wasn’t shy about sharing them with a group of us who got to have dinner with him and ask questions about voicing Miguel for one of last years animated blockbusters. The simple beauty of the animation and the heart pulling story line totally won me over and I knew that I would have to own it. 

Good thing that it’s available Digitally today, and on Blu-Ray on the February 27, allowing the movie to be watched on multiple devices anywhere. Now you can take it with you EVERYWHERE!  While we were waiting for it though, we got to listen to Anthony Gonzalez sing with his group at El Paseo Inn and it was amazing! You can see it in my highlights on Instagram, and you’ll love it too. Afterwards, Anthony sat down with us and answered our barrage of questions.

Here are 8 things I learned from Anthony Gonzalez 

His passion for music is how he identifies with Miguel. He sang before even auditioning for this role, and he and his group would often sing on Olvera Street. Olvera Street is special because it’s the oldest street in LA and so full of Mexican culture. Just beautiful! 

He performed at D23 – annual conference – with Benjamin Bratt, and he seemed to be a bit starstruck. Because of the movie, he’s gotten to travel to Canada and of course he visited Pixar where he enjoys playing soccer during his down time. 

His favorite scenes in Coco would be his interactions with Coco and the way he gets back to Mama Imelda after receiving her family blessing. Singing Poco Loco with Hector and not nailing his grito is also a favorite scene of his. *I have to admit that my family laughed loudly during that scene and I was immediately reminded of Simba trying to roar like his dad in the Lion King* 

He wants children and adults alike to know that the Day of the Dead is not Halloween. It’s a celebration meant for everyone, not just Mexicans. It’s a time to get back in touch with the memories of your loved ones and to share those memories with family members that may not have been lucky enough to know them. 

Being a Disney voice is a dream come true for him. 

He got into acting because of his older brothers singing for street performances, and  his older sister auditioning for a show on Univision. A director discovered him during one of those shows and told his parents that he would be a great actor. 

The scene with him and Coco makes him cry. If it doesn’t make you at LEAST tear up, I’m not sure what to do with you. 

He would LOVE to work with Zac Efron, Tom Cruise, Emma Stone, Zendaya, Emma Watson or Daniel Radcliffe. Not a bad list if I do say so. 

Remember to pick up your digital copy of Coco today or on Blu Ray February 27! 

As part of the #BlackPantherEvent Disney will be releasing Coco on BluRay #CocoBluRay


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