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7 Best National Park Vacation Destinations

7 Best National Park Vacation Destinations
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We love family vacations that include amazing landmarks, and these 7 Best National Park Vacation Destinations are on our must-see list. Not only are they great travel destinations, but they are also incredible ways to teach our children about American history. I love being able to make a travel destination into an impromptu educational lesson. Since I want my children to be excited about learning, making it fun is key. Don’t forget your National Parks Passport to help commemorate each of the visits you take. We have ours and LOVE canceling out parks as we hit them.

Theodore Roosevelt National Park Vacation

You’ll remember our visit to Theodore Roosevelt National Park in North Dakota a couple of years ago, and how much we loved doing that. We’ve love the Find Your Park campaign that the NPS is currently running, and we believe heavily in the message that it entails. There is a park for everyone, young and old, and all you have to do is get out there and find it. We’ve been to several over the years – Theodore Roosevelt up above, the brand spanking new Indiana Dunes National Park and several others while on the road last year for our Route 66 adventure!

National Park Vacation Destinations

7 Best National Park Vacation Destinations

Yellowstone National Park:

This is truly one of the most gorgeous places on earth. From the rich forests to the beautiful lakes and waterfalls it is a perfect spot to vacation. With hotels, camping and RV parks throughout the park, you can easily make this a destination that everyone will love. There are tons of geysers, hiking trails, rivers and tours to take and learn more about Yellowstone. Stay outside the park on either the Wyoming or Montana sides and you will find yourself with even more local fun to be had.

Hot Springs National Park:

Small town meets big city in the middle of Arkansas in what is a National Park and city all in one. The downtown area boasts bathhouses, hot springs, and amazing local artistry. With 3 lakes, state park forestry environments and their own full theme park and water park this city has tons to offer any family.

Grand Canyon National Park:

It’s a wonder of the world, and it is truly one of the most breathtaking places you will ever view. Take your time and drive around to the various lookout points. Avoid the extra charges of taking the tour bus, and simply hike or walk to the various spots around you want to see. You will want plenty of water on hand because this is one National Park vacation destination that can be dehydrating.

Hawaii Volcanoes National Park:

It’s in Hawaii. I don’t think any other explanation is needed for his being on the list. Not only will you see incredible power in volcanoes, but you’ll also see an island that is breathtaking. Bonus points with you being able to have a wonderfully relaxing vacation while you’re crossing another national park off of your list.

Indiana Dunes National Park Vacation

Yosemite National Park:

Much like Yellowstone, breathtaking views are enough to make it worth visiting. Snow-capped mountains, rich foliage, and beauty at every turn this is a hiker or outdoorsman’s dream. Seriously beautiful landscapes you won’t find anywhere else. Mount Rainier: This mysterious mount is truly a favorite among hikers. It is often encased in fog, but its beauty is like no other when viewed on a clear day. The views from on top are stunning, and the seasonal foliage changes are sure to please everyone in your family.

Badlands National Park:

Head into South Dakota and enjoy the beauty of the Badlands. Visit Mount Rushmore, and even pan for gold in the Black Hills all as you go in and out of this national park and the beautiful rock formations around it. These are what we think are the best national park vacation destinations. Not only do they offer beautiful views of nature, but there are also plenty of adventures in and around them. From hiking and sightseeing to tours, rafting and boating experiences everyone will love these destinations.

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