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July 2018

Community Gardening with Children

Get Your Kids on Board to Spark Goodness

Sponsored by author T.A. Barron and the Spark Goodness Program Whenever we travel, we attempt to figure out a great way to leave the city better than when we came. Even if that means picking up random bits of garbage on the…

Cherry Hand Pies Recipe

Almost Homemade Cherry Hand Pies

Making hand pies is not something I’m unfamiliar with. I made some apple hand pies a while back and enjoyed them enough not to even share on the blog. Well, today, I’m sharing almost homemade cherry pies because we…

Peyton Reed Discussed Ant Man and The Wasp

Peyton Reed Discusses Ant-Man and The Wasp

I wonder what it’s like to direct a big budget movie. I mean, what goes through your head when you know that you’re in charge of one? How about directing the sequel to the first one that was successful…

Homestead Blog Hop

Homestead Blog Hop 195

Welcome to the Homestead Blog Hop! This summer is moving faster than I anticipated. Part of me knows it’s because my oldest is leaving for college in about a month. Where did that time go? It’s the question we…