100 Days Until Christmas Countdown

It’s HERE!


If you’re my friend on Facebook, you know that I start my countdown the day after Christmas because it’s my most favorite holiday out of all of the holidays ever.  September 1 marks my FAVORITE THIRD OF THE YEAR EVER! September through December holds my birthday, my anniversary,  Halloween, Thanksgiving, AND CHRISTMAS YAY! 

I did write about my countdown on the blog before, but this year, I’ve been purposely making Christmas gifts on my brand new sewing machine that Mr. Houseful purchased for me. I’m pretty sure THAT is my Christmas gift for the next decade, but whatever. He loves me, and believes in my craft. 

Anyway, this is your reminder that there are 100 days until Christmas, and that when the clock hits midnight, we’re in the double digits. You can’t say that I didn’t try to keep you up to par regarding buying or making, or creating those wonderful moments and gifts for people you love. Whether it’s a trip with your family, or alone, or that ONE thing that your loved one has been pining for since last Christmas. 

I’m giving gifts that I make with my hands. Mostly because I have bills that I have to face, and well, yeah. So no gadgets, or trips for the year, and for the most part, I think that everyone should be happy. At least everyone should know that their gifts came from my heart. 

So, are you a maker, or a buyer? What do you make? Food gifts? Clothing? Accessories? Share them in the comments, and maybe, just possibly, you can drum up some business! I’m all about helping small business owners live their dream of staying at home with their families while making other people happy too. 

Right now is a great time to order your Christmas or holiday stamps too! Last week I ordered The Snowy Day stamps based on the story by Ezra Jack Keats. They are available for pre-order with shipping starting on October 4 of this year. DO IT! That’s not a sponsored bossy statement, just a real Natasha one. 

100 Days Until Christmas 100 Days Until Christmas 100 Days Until Christmas 100 Days Until Christmas

Until then, let’s get those sleigh bells ringin’! 

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