The Houseful Drives the Chevy Sonic – Another Klout Perk

Yes, apparently, Klout and I are having a fantastic relationship.

Monday and Tuesday, I was afforded the pleasure of test driving the Chevy Sonic and giving my thoughts on it. While I was kind of bummed that we only got to keep it two days instead of the normal three, I am pretty happy with the time that I did get to spend in it.

Those are a few of the pictures that Mr. Nicholes took during our exclusive night out with the other Chevy Sonic drivers in the Chicagoland area.

We also did a short video regarding how the car handles and we were able to drive it in the rain too. Still handled well!

I can’t wait to test drive all the other new Chevy’s (yes, I’m claiming it!) that come out through the Klout program!


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