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Mind Over Matte Wedge in Sage


So, I’ve learned nothing. Yesterday, I posted about clutter in my home, and earlier this week, I ordered another pair of shoes. HEAR ME OUT! ModCloth is one of my favorite sites to sit and dream on, because everything is so perfectly retro, but my pockets can handle the retro prices all the time. However, there’s this 25% off sale going on for shoes, and well. I’m pretty sure you can figure the rest out. But aren’t these DARLING?! I know that I can wear them with jeans, or long flowing skirts, or even short sassy dresses and skirts. If you’re looking for the exact pair that I got, they are called Mind Over Matte Wedges and they’re supposedly sage, but these look more blue to me. 

I have a white dress that I picked up from the Gap at the end of summer that I had seen on another blogger while at BlogHer. These two items are destined to meet. Have you ever thought of things like that. Shoes that would go perfectly with that one outfit, or that one outfit that would complete that certain pair of shoes. Seriously, this was a moment of fashion nirvana for me. Now to just figure out how to score some more of these fabulous colorful wedges for my wardrobe without ruining my bank account, or having to buy another house. 

If I were to be guilty of buying too many of something it would be shoes. Not recently though, which is why I don’t feel too guilty about this purchase. I think this year, I’ve bought less than five pairs of shoes for myself. That’s blasphemous. Honestly. What’s going to be next, purses?! 

Mr. Houseful should appreciate these once I do get them paired with the right outfit, and I’m sure that I will be taking plenty of photos when I do get them on for several test runs. With the snow coming soon, I’m sure those runs will definitely be indoors. 

Now to find some boots. Help me here people. I have big legs. 

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  1. Melisa says:

    I have big legs too! I seethe with jealousy when I see anyone who can wear knee-high boots but this girl’s calves won’t let that happen. Short, stubby boots here. Sigh.

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