I’ve Got Klout! And A Volt of Energy

And I got to use it this weekend. By the way, I happened to celebrate a very happy 31 years of age last Friday. I realize that I am officially NOT a little kid anymore. By ten o’clock I was BEAT.

The Mr. sent me off to get my nails and feet done (do you think that he was trying to tell me something?) and then we headed out to dinner at Sweet Tomatoes. Ah, it’s the little things.

One thing that made the weekend even AWESOMER was the fact that I was one of the select few individuals in the Chicagoland area that was afforded the opportunity to test drive the new electric car by Chevy – the Volt.

I will say this. It was nice to be in something a little sportier than our usual vehicle. Something with leather interior, and NO crumbs, snack bags, books, extra pairs of clothing and, well you get the point. It was small however, and could only fit two of the four Nicholes children.  Bummer.  So, no going off and buying a new Volt for us. Not yet anyway.

I will say, after getting used to the car, and how totally quiet it was, I had a good time driving it, and was floored at the fact that we were averaging 50 mpg in the CITY!  We drove well over 200 miles this weekend and only used 3 gallons of gas. We also found a charging station at our local Walgreen’s but you could only sit in a car for so long.

I list the pros and cons of the car after showing you guys some nifty pictures of it. Here we go:


  • Fuel Efficient – In this economy, 50 plus miles to the gallon is absolutely AWESOME
  • Sleek
  • Quick learning curve
  • While the car is started with a power button, you can NOT start it without the “key” that they give you.
  • Quiet. I mean, eerily quiet while using the battery
  • Great acceleration
  • Even better braking
  • Hugs the curves of the highway well
  • Spacious trunk
  • Rear-view camera
  • Built in satellite radio
  • Touch screen console
  • Navigation and traffic alerts
  • Short battery life (only 38 miles per full charge)
  • Noisy regeneration (for saving energy while coasting)
  • Not roomy for tall people, or bigger families
  • Doesn’t coast for long periods of time
  • Uses high octane gas (91)
And that’s about it. Honestly, if we only had two children, I would seriously consider this as our family car. ESPECIALLY since we travel so much, and gas is SO expensive.
Now, I’m off to look for what other Klout perks I qualify for….although I secretly want to get the Volt again. Don’t tell anyone.


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