The Guide To Successful Road Trips

Because we are a family of 6, there are only a handful of ways that we can travel without breaking the bank. One is on the back of a swift dog in seats that are too uncomfortable to deal with for longer than 45 minutes, and the other is in our good ol’ Chevy Traverse where no one has to touch anyone, and we can stop and go as we please. Which do you think we prefer? 

So far, since the time we have gotten the Silver Bullet we have taken it to New York, Kentucky, Mississippi, Missouri (5 times) Oklahoma,  & Tennessee. However as a total, we’ve roadtripped to North Carolina, DC, Jersey, Alabama, Texas, Wisconsin, Indiana – basically, we’ve done the great Midwest and some of the East Coast, and we’ve loved every bit of it. How do we do it though? Do I spend countless hours planning every pit stop and the way that everyone is going to sit in the car? Actually, no. I take my cue from the road trips of yesteryear with Mor Mor and Poppy, and plan accordingly. 

  • Snacks. Snacks. Snacks. Snacks are SO important, whether you have children or not. It cuts down on stopping to eat randomly, and losing time on the road in a drive thru. We usually do things that aren’t salty, so that the kids or the adults don’t HAVE to have something to wash it down with.  True story, my mom would fry chicken, and get a loaf of bread and we would take that with us on our trips to see my Granny Blackburn in Memphis, TN. I haven’t done a fried chicken trip yet, but it’s on the list. 
  • If we’re taking a trip to somewhere familiar, I usually scout out the best rest stops. Those with playgrounds, clean-ish bathrooms, and maybe something cool to do while we all get out of the car to stretch our legs. 
  • If you can, invest in Sirius XM, or have LOTS of music to listen to. It makes the time go by faster, and everyone can listen to a variety of music that they like. 
  • We don’t play games, but Target has some car travel games in their Dollar Spot including, spot the state – license plate game, or I Spy. 
  • Travel comfortably for the seasons. Flip flops, ease on shoes, shorts, t-shirts. Anything that you don’t have to unbutton, zip or lace up will make for easy trips to the bathroom, and out of the car, when little ones remove their shoes. 
  • Be spontaneous. If you travel through lots of flat land like we do – being from Illinois and all – and there happens to be a great tourist spot that you ALWAYS see in passing, why not stop by? We’ve discovered Boomland (way back when I was a kid) and Lambert’s this way. 
  • Have fun, because that’s the reason you’re taking a road trip right? To get to fun? Why not amp that fun up before you get to your destination? That way, you’re already in the mode once you get to your final place of rest. 

Bridgestone Americas Summer Road Trip Infographic

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