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Welcome to the Kia Family!

Welcome to the Kia Family!

The Kia Family welcomes the Kia Stinger

Don’t mind me, just waxing poetic while checking out the twitter feed of my friends who got to spend time in San Diego this week for the introduction of this sweet car I’m leaning on. It’s the Kia Stinger, and this was my first time getting close to it last year. THIS year however, I got to drive it at the Chicago Auto Show and I’m chomping at the bit to get it on the streets of Chicago this summer. I’m not sure what color I love more, but there’s a lot to love 

Anyhoo, some of my closest friends were invited by Kia to check out the Stinger, and they looked like they had a blast! I want you to follow their stories on Twitter and their blogs to see their recounts firsthand. One group is especially close to my heart. They nicknamed themselves the Octaves & Automobiles and they consisted of A Real Urban MomClumps of Mascara, Just A Splash of Diva, This Worthey Life. If you’re not the type to go by blog names, they are Keyonda, Brittany, Choya, and Derrick. 

Kia Family Octaves & Automobiles

Photo Courtesy of Jeff Bogle | Out With the Kids

I’m sure by the amount of Kia content on my blog, you can tell that I really believe in the brand, and their cars overall. I’m still waiting to test out the coveted Kia Sedona to see if the houseful will be updating their transportation. Did I mention how sweet the car looks now? They revealed the new model at this year’s New York Auto Show and WOOWEE!!! Stay tuned for that review later this year. 

Now, back to my new Kia Family friends. They were able to take the brand new Kia Stinger out and around the city of San Diego, and take photos around some of the iconic spots – including Krispy Kreme. It’s not a real road trip without donuts. 

And true to form, they created a video as well. Here it is, you tell me what you think. 

I love the creativity! As with MY Kia adventures, follow along with theirs in the future and the hashtag #KiaFamily, because it’s all about the family – and the memories made with them. 

Tomorrow starts our Coversations from the Soul series – focusing mainly on Nathaniel and his journey into adulthood. I’m a bit scared, but you can follow the #SoulConvos hashtag for THAT. SO much Kia goodness, and so many awesome people to follow. Take your time. You need to savor all of it. 

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.