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We Went, We Tasted, We Slept

Humana Healthier Choices

Last week, the Taste of Chicago descended on the mass in quiet form. Only five days instead of the usual two weeks, and during one of the hottest weeks in Chicago to date this year.

We were going to drive the Silver Bullet (our Traverse) downtown-ish and park, but the ladybug insisted that we take the train. So, we geared up with sunscreen, comfortable shoes and headed downtown via the Green Line ‘L,” to get our grub on.

The ladybug is here learning how to use opposing force to keep upright on the train car.

Chicago Elevated Train Ride

She really thought that it was important that we walked the entire time. She is also solely responsible for us walking almost five miles this day. I know because my nifty Humana pedometer told me so!

There were so many healthy options at the Taste this year, and they helped calorie conscious Tastegoers find them by putting a large green apple next to them.

BJs Fish MarketBJ’s Fish Market and Bakery is always on my list of places to stop and get something from. They are located on the south side of Chicago and I don’t venture that way often. This is my yearly fix – mustard fried catfish, and it was ON the healthier choices list!
BJs Mustard Fried Catfish Two different sauces – mustard dill, and honey mustard. SO GOOD! Wishbone Taste Of Chicago Wishbone is one of my favorite restaurants as well. If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll have seen some of my favorite dishes ever. They weren’t served at the Taste this year, but they did have a Watermelon Lemonade Salad that was gorgeous looking! Chicken Etouffe The ladybug enjoying her chicken etouffee. The last time she was at the Taste of Chicago with me, she was a year old. Time flies! Taste Of Chicago Gelato

Lil Miss striking a pose with her gelato which also happened to be part of the healthier choices program.

We also hit Dominick’s, like we usually do, and loaded up on cherries, watermelon, and grapes for our walk back to the train to go back home.

What a fantastic, and HOT, day to spend out with the family.

Do you all have food festivals where you live? Share them with me! Do they encourage healthier eating, or is it just an all around eat what you can type of deal?

Disclosure: I was given two complimentary strips of tickets to attend the taste. The other four strips that we used were purchased with my hard-earned duckets. 🙂

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Walter Shumpert III

Friday 19th of July 2013

Walter Shumpert III liked this on Facebook.

Janeane Davis

Friday 19th of July 2013

Thanks for sharing this event with us. It was especially nice to see things through the eyes of Little Ms. Nicholes.

Natasha Nicholes

Saturday 20th of July 2013

Janeane, she really encouraged us to get a nice little workout. It was family time that was sorely needed!


Friday 19th of July 2013

{New Post} We Went, We Tasted, We Slept:


Friday 19th of July 2013

{NewPost} We Went, We Tasted, We Slept #TasteofChi2013 @Humana

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