Walking With Dinosaurs – Milwaukee, Wisconsin


So my love affair with the Milwaukee area is ever-growing, and the houseful of littles and I will be taking another trek up to see Walking With Dinosaurs sometime next week. Don’t worry though, I’m still  a full-fledged Chicago fan through and through, no matter how many games the Bears, Bulls, Cubs and Sox may lose. The Blackhawks are my hope this year. 

Anyway, back to Walking With Dinosaurs. I’ve been interested in this ever since I saw that it was at the United Center earlier, but I didn’t think that the littles would appreciate it. I guess that I didn’t do my due diligence in researching the show, because it is said to be for ages 3-93. I think that Lil Miss might be a little bit reserved, but she should enjoy it. We’ll definitely get photos for the blog, and have a review up as soon as we see it. 

Before going, I do want to share some information that we have received about the show, and when and where it’s playing. Even though I have the button right up there at the top of the blog post, I know some people skim and don’t click, so I’ll put it in print as well. Walking With Dinosaurs will take place from October 15 – 19 at the BMO Harris Bradley Center in Milwaukee Wisconsin. Tickets range in price from $28 – $113 and groups of 10 or more can qualify for a 10% discount. You could easily do an evening trek up to Milwaukee from Chicago or any of its surrounding suburbs and be back before midnight if you timed it right. However, we’re going to make an overnight trip of it, and I’ll be staying once again at Hotel Metro where Mr. Houseful and I stayed at in July. I’m excited to show the kids the cool hotel, and walk with them around downtown Milwaukee. 

The show is a life-sized puppetry show, with realistic dinosaurs being controlled by master puppeteers. There is no violence in the show, so it shouldn’t be too bad for littles. There will be moments of realism to showcase what the dinosaurs’ habitats were like back then. So one should expect earthquakes, volcanoes and even comets, as well as the roars of the dinosaurs within the arena. 

If I wasn’t already excited, seeing Noah Ritter (the “apparently kid”) give his review of the show had me in stitches. There’s nothing like the honesty of little children, is there? 


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