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Vogue 1317 – Stitching For Me

Vogue 1317 – Stitching For Me

Vogue 1317

It’s not too often that I get to want to sew for myself. I find it a bit frustrating and a little bit discouraging. Mostly because for a short gal, I have a broad back and large bust. Oh the horror. So of course, it’s natural that I pick the Vogue 1317 pattern to attempt to sew for myself.

When I find things that appeal to me, they kind of don’t work out IRL because I’m not yet to the point where I can alter creations confidently. However, as part of my desire to step out of my box this year, I’m going to attempt to do something that is NOT a bag for myself each month. Hopefully, I get twelve pieces out of it, and I also learn new techniques and ways that clothing fits together.

I’m not attempting to be a couture designer, just to be proud of what I’ve made for myself.

So, I cut out the pattern pieces. All 18 of them. I’m not sure if I was sleepy, or just irritated from being sick, but I grouched about the entire thing while doing it. I was even on a Google Hangout while grouching, so there’s proof.  I will end up cutting my fabric this week, and I’m using a woven tribal print because I have to be me. Wait, are those hearts?! Ah, well, I guess we’ll have to go with the flow. I’m not sure if choosing a printed fabric for this pattern is a horrible move, and at the moment, I’m not sure that I entirely care. I see this with red patent leather pumps that I’ve seen at Target

Tribal Print Fabric

I think I could get away with this look for several holiday dress ups without seeming too holiday-ish, no?

Valentine’s Day is an obvious one as I now see that this print has hearts, and I believe that it’s trial enough to attempt wearing it during my church’s annual celebration of Black History Month festivities. I’m not sure. We’ll see how it looks once I’m done with it.

I plan to sew this on the weekends, and take my time, so it can be done by the end of the month (sooner if I find it easier than I’m thinking.) I’ve looked around the net to see how other people liked it, and there are already things that I’m seeing I may not want to do. Pockets for one, as they gather at crotch level – for me anyway, and the belt, since it’s left with raw edges.

Have any of you sewn this piece? If so, share what you’ve learned, loved, or didn’t like with me in the comments below!

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Monday 13th of January 2014

The flare skirt will help to minimize the broad shoulders. Giving you more of an hour glass figure. However, the rounded shoulders with the pattern could/might bring more attention to your shoulders.

Natasha Nicholes

Monday 13th of January 2014

I want to know who I have to thank for these broad shoulders of mine. Do you have any idea?! Either way, I'm hoping that I can pull this off the way that I see it in my head, if not, I'll be calling you to come and get your grandchildren so that I can scream in agony at not being able to wrap my head around it properly. And I thank ya!

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.