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Typesy: The Online Typing Course for the ENTIRE Family

Typesy: The Online Typing Course for the ENTIRE Family

When did you learn to type? I can clearly remember “learning” to type during high school when I signed up for my first email address because the internet was all the rage back in the late 90s. Insert instant messaging and group chats during college and my fingers were flying over the keys. It was my desire to be able to type faster than my dad, who at the time, could process well over 90 wpm (that’s words per minute you youngin’s) and it was a superpower to me.

Typesy Homeschool Edition online typing curriculum is perfect for parents and children on the go. With a progressive learning model, speed and accuracy for your children is attainable!

Because I want my children to be proper members of society, and who knows what type of typing they’ll have to do when they’re older (you know, they may just be able to think it and it appears) we’re practicing our typing skills during homeschool. This also takes me back to having Lil Miss see a typewriter at the Museum of Science and Industry last month, and marveling over the “click-clack” sound it made while her dad and I type letters to NASA astronauts. But I digress.

This is a curriculum review through iHN, but all thoughts and opinions are my own.

When she saw that typewriter, she said that she wanted to try again with learning to type properly, and I was all in as well. Today, we’re bringing you our thoughts on Typesy – an online homeschool typing course that you can use wherever you have wi-fi!

Typesy – Just Another Online Typing Curriculum?

Not at all! This one seems to be more productive than others I have tried. And I’ve tried quite a few. The way that they insure that you are actually learning is through progressive movement. All of the courses stay locked while you work on perfecting the current course you are in. It also doesn’t hurt that Typesy offers 12 months AND a $50 refund if you aren’t pleased with your progress.

Set Up

Typesy Homeschool Edition is set up simply. The courses are straightforward, and video accompanies each level. Courses stay LOCKED until the previous course is passed at a percentage that the parent or teacher sets. This is WONDERFUL for my family because most of my children seem to have inherited the work ahead gene that I have. However, they work ahead without always finishing lessons completely, and that is where trouble may rise.

You are able to add students to your dashboard – I don’t list mine here because of privacy – and you can set their passwords and usernames. Typesy offers a homeschool version that includes space for FOUR children now instead of three. One of the spaces that I did have a bit of a brain fart in was creating classes, but I got the gist and we got the ball rolling.

I love that they keep track of ALL of the progress of the three amigos, and it lets me know who needs a bit more practice and who can build their accuracy through game play. I won’t tell you that Mr. Houseful and I challenged each other to a type off one day. It was fun. I did not win.

How It Works

The first level of Typesy deals with proper positioning above the keys and the way that you sit. Of course it moves from home row, to top row, bottom row, You’ll then move to deal with the specialty keys – numbers, symbols, and shift keys. Then you get into the nitty gritty with speed and accuracy.

While I’m not expecting children who can type at speeds of 100 wpm at 10 years of age, I do want children who are more comfortable with the computer keyboard, and don’t always peck.

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