Traveling the World Without Ever Leaving Your City

Hey guys! I just wanted to drop in quickly to give some love to one of my new favorite blogs out there – Cosmopolitan Kids – . These two young ladies are blogging about their adventures with toddlers throughout their cities and states. This blog touches my heart for so many reasons. The first being, these are the types of trips that my mother and maternal grandmother made sure to take their children on, and being the fruit of their efforts, I make sure to try and expose my children to all areas of diversity and culture throughout the city so that they can live a life as rich as I have thus far.

The second reason is because of the reputations that young black mothers sometimes get with not being as active in the lives of their children as mothers of other races are. This is not a statement meant to ostracize any of my readers or followers, but one to state that I know what is being said by “society” (ooooh, big bad society) and I want to do something about it – not to make a statement just for “society” but make it the norm in our household, and not something that is seen as being any different than visiting our public library.

Go ahead and check them out – and it doesn’t hurt that they are hosting a giveaway at the moment. When you do stop by, let them know that The Nicholes sent you. 😉

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    Cosmopolitan Kids
    September 16, 2010 at 3:52 pm

    Wow – thank you s much for this Natasha. Thank you. We appreciate the love.

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