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Thread Filled Weeks

It’s definitely been that type of week (month) for me. Last month, I was a sewing fool. Filling orders, and not really focusing on anything for me. It looks like this month will be just the same. I’m okay with that. We’re paying of student loans, so it helps. However, this is the first week that I was able to breathe with a bit of a relaxed sewing schedule. Just a camera bag, and two family passport wallets. I can live with that, for now. Next week, I fully expect everyone to put their orders in. 🙂

So, a couple of things that I worked on last month as I sewed down to the wire for Easter, which you probably saw in my Easter Sunday reveal post. I also made a cosmo bag for my sister in law, and she received it well! I’m always so nervous sewing for family!

Cosmo Bag, Amu Butler, Houseful Of Nicholes DSC_2098 Cosmo Bag, Amy Butler, Green, Blue

These are a set of family passports that I made. I’m loving that I’m getting the hang of fussy cutting as seen in the second photo. I was ADAMANT about that “Travel The World” bubble being visible.

I still have a couple of WIP’s (works in progress) on my table. Some kindle and laptop sleeves, another Cosmo Bag, and another camera bag like I made a couple of weeks ago, although I think that I may fashion that into a diaper bag.

Anyone else sewing over this way? What are you making?

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Amina Nevels

Wednesday 10th of April 2013

I love your bags and clutches! And great color choices! I too have found making things for family to be the most challenging. So glad it went over well!

Darcel {The Mahogany Way}

Tuesday 9th of April 2013

How have I never been to your blog before! I'm feeling that bag. Following your blog now...looking forward to reading you more often.


Tuesday 9th of April 2013

The Houseful Reloaded: Thread Filled Weeks


Monday 8th of April 2013

Love her blog, too!!! RT @MargsWrld: Q4 from @HFofNicholes #UBP13


Monday 8th of April 2013

Q4 from @HFofNicholes #UBP13

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.