Thread Filled Tuesdays: Sophia Carry All

Let’s just see how long I keep this up.

Cutting of the Sophia Carry All is complete! This by far has been one of the easiest Amy Butler patterns to cut. Mostly because I didn’t have to measure any of the handles, or sides myself. These patterns come with every single pattern piece already created for you. I did make sure to check on her website to see if there were any pattern updates, and there were. The bottom insert was revamped and able for download right off of the site.

The only piece that you are not seeing is the rest of the exterior fabric that was set aside for the creation of the bias tape for the handmade piping. I’m not really looking forward to creating it, but hopefully it won’t be that painful.

While I was cutting out, I had someone join me and start creating pattern drawings of her own:

I have no idea what it is about my “space,” but my last three children LOVE being in here with me. Sometimes it peaceful, other times, not so much. Those are the perks of having a large family though – no time to really sit and be by yourself.

Stay tuned next week for the creation of the handles, and exterior of the Carry All!

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