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There Are Women in Agriculture?!

There Are Women in Agriculture?!

Last month, I went to Rock Island, Illinois to attend the Women in Agriculture Conference and absolutely got my life. I always knew that farming was deeper than the foundation that most of city folk have, but seriously, it was awesome. I don’t want to talk about specifics because I’m afraid that I will unintentionally say something that’s so City Slicker that even I will want to punch myself in the throat. *side note* I use the phrase punch in the throat quite a bit on this blog, even though I have never punched anyone in the throat. I do however, like making people think in the midst of their laughter, and I’m hoping that I did that when I was invited to participate in a podcast “Confessions of a Farmer {and friends}” on the second day of the conference. 

Women in Agriculture

Below are pictures from the opening night’s networking session. My new friend DeAnne Bloomberg asked me to say a few words before my session the next day. I’m talking about my previous experience with Illinois Farm Bureau and the Illinois Farm Families program. I’m also talking about a dash of humor presentation that I did on eggs becoming diva. Remember, I promised to tell you all about that in THIS post? I still haven’t, and I have the full thing written out. The life of a creative, I tell ya. 




The entire point of the conference was to give women who work in the agriculture field a space to share their current issues, and network with other women. Seed companies were represented. Cattle farmers. Hog Farmers. Soybean and corn farmers were also represented. I wasn’t the only non-farmer in the place, but I was the only person who isn’t involved in farming as a career. I enjoyed being able to sit back and absorb all of the learning. There were two keynotes. One from Laura Daniels called Baler Twine and Barn Lime which focused on living your life on purpose. She set ground rules for her keynote which included be present, laugh and learn. Color me surprised when everything that she spoke about, even with farm and agriculture heavy anecdotes applied to my family too? Just in case you didn’t know, I’m not really surprised, but trying to REALLY drive home the point that there really aren’t that many familial and domestic differences from home to home. ALL mothers and wives have things that they must do in order to keep their households running smoothly, and sometimes some of those mothers are pushing in power suits and heels, while others are calving and running combines. 

This particular conference I found myself in the hot seat for Confessions of a Farm Wife, which is a podcast hosted by three farm wives; Holly Spangler, Emily Webel and DeAnna Thomas. I’m sure they discuss a multitude of topics in regard to farming, and keeping house, and working in their respective jobs. Emily and I even found out that we have twins! We talked a bit about the differences in grocery shopping experiences in rural and urban environments, whether GMO labeling should happen on EVERYTHING (even if there are no GMOs in it) and our favorite cuts of meat. My type of people. As soon as I get the link to the podcast, I’ll make sure to share it with you. 

Women In Agriculture


In between the keynote of Laura Daniels and my participation in the podcast, I was also a guest on the Farm Week Now, which is a radio show, with Rita Frazer. It was the second time that I’ve done a radio interview, and I can’t say that it was any easier. I have NO problem talking anyone’s ear off, but to know that there are all of these “invisible” people listening to my voice is another story. I know. Weird. Also, fellow mic wranglers at those blog conferences, note the fact that I’m not holding the microphone during my interview! 




All in all, I enjoyed my fourth foray into the world of agricultural conferences, and I can truly say that I really hope that this wasn’t my last. Great conference everyone, and thank you for allowing me to be a part of it!



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Michelle Garrett

Friday 6th of May 2016

I puffy heart love this post for so many reasons!!! You look so happy and energized sharing your passion with others. I've learned so much from you and look forward to bugging you with all my gardening and culinary questions. (But ... no worms!)

Heather Lilienthal

Tuesday 12th of April 2016

Hi lady! It was so great to meet you at Women in Agriculture! Keep doing what you are doing! Your soybean friends in Iowa appreciate it!

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