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The St. Clair Hotel – The Magnificent Mile

The St. Clair Hotel – The Magnificent Mile

Happy, merry, belated holidays to you and yours!  I hope and pray you were able to find love and comfort during the holiday season.  In case you are in the mood for a little break from…the break, I have a great option for your consideration. The St. Clair Hotel – The Magnificent Mile

Thank you to The St. Clair Hotel – The Magnificent Mile for partnering with us for this review

It’s not every day I get a chance to get away to my favorite city in all the world.  I know what you’re thinking. “You’ve done a decent amount of traveling this past year.”  While that’s true, I haven’t had the opportunity or the time to take in the sights and sounds of the best city this side of glory.  I’m speaking, of course, about Chicago; that shining city on a hill; the one with the big shoulders. I have lived here all of my life, and I’m still finding ways to fall in love with it.  As I was saying, however, it isn’t every day that I get to enjoy my city from a tourists point of view. Generally, if I have a break in my busy schedule, I curl up in my bed and kick the kids, and the husband, out of my room and sleep.  That, unfortunately, only provides a few hours of solace because, once I wake, I’m on the hook for the mommy and wife questions that have been building. I’ve discovered the secrets to staycations. This is when you don’t want to travel, but you don’t want to be at home.  Where you can leave the comfort of your home and go to a land not so far away to rejuvenate. Mr. Houseful and I had the opportunity to stay downtown Chicago, at The St. Clair hotel for two glorious nights, and it was a bit more than I expected.

This place was just right.  It’s another option in the boutique hotel space that is more affordable than you think.  It’s located a block east of Michigan Avenue on Ontario. This location places you within 1 block of Michigan Avenue, or a short bus ride from everything else.  It’s perfect! We walked the Magnificent Mile. We lamented the renovation of the Rock and Roll McDonalds. We chopped it up at Timothy O’Toole and shopped the shops at North Bridge. We buffet’d at Indian Garden and revisited our old favorite Grand Lux Cafe.  We realized we were getting old when we didn’t get to Millenium Park, or the Riverwalk, or a show, or more eating. We slept and walked and slept and ate. It was glorious and well needed. I also got to pose in front of a Christmas tree that I didn’t have to put up or take down. Best thing ever.

The beauty of the St. Clair aside from its location is its function.  It is a boutique hotel which throws a lot of first timers off a bit.  While its boutique offerings make it upscale, the affordability of the rooms makes it a no-brainer for those wanting the downtown experience without the downtown Chicago prices.

The decor is equally upscale. Using a grayscale template with pops of red and black, your senses aren’t overwhelmed by clashing carpets or dizzying patterns.

The rooms aren’t massive, hence the boutique category, but they are comfortable. There aren’t unnecessary items, so no dressers or closets, BUT there is enough space to stash your items properly. The idea is to have a comfortable, pleasant, quiet place to sleep while also encouraging you to get out and explore the area that you’re staying in.  You’re supposed to go out and enjoy the city. You’re supposed to leave the hotel for the day. When I say it was perfect, I mean it was perfect. With the amenities and its location, it wouldn’t be surprising that it would borrow the same price tag as it’s boutique neighbors.  After all, it’s boasting some of the same scenery, options, room sizes, etc. You’ll be happy to know that it is quite affordable – even for those of us with a gaggle of kids.

The St. Clair Hotel – The Magnificent Mile

The St. Clair is actually owned and operated by Red Roof Inn, the budget hotel that so many of us recognize from long road trips. The location was once a Red Roof Inn, but to match an ever-changing clientele, they renovated the entire building and added the location to it’s Red Collection.  This is the first ever hotel in the expanding Red Collection (the other located in Springfield, Illinois, and now on my list of places to stay) with plans to add more.

The hotel is located conveniently on stops right off of public transportation, so getting there is easy. At the intersection of Ontario and St. Clair makes it easily accessible to rideshares, taxis, and general dropoffs. If you are driving in, know that valet is $58 per night.

With the upgrade came the addition of spa-inspired bathrooms, extra luxurious linens, complete with soft and firm pillows. Those who checked into our premium quarters also received a Windy City snack pack, a sleep enhancing kit – complete with a sleep mask and earplugs and a white noise machine! Notice that Garrett Popcorn is present in the snack pack. Each of the rooms is decorated with locally inspired artwork of the city. A great way to win this Chicago girl’s heart.

Our room was the Elite Windy City King/King room – the only hotel in the area to boast rooms with two king-sized beds. We took advantage of both beds and no kids and claimed our own for the duration of our stay. You may think it’s weird, we happen to think it’s comfortable. Getting lost in a king-sized bed without worry of kicking, or snagging covers from your bedmate is freeing! If you do happen to book this room – they only have seven on-site – know that you will walk away with tons of goodies!

If you find that you’ll be visiting my fine city soon, make sure to check out this location for your lodging needs. Especially if you’re planning to shop til you drop, sightsee, or just take in one of our famous theatres. Since they are all within walking distance, you’ll save money all around!

The St. Clair Hotel – The Magnificent Mile is located at 162 E. Ontario Street in the Streeterville neighborhood.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.