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The Road To Financial Stability

I guess that I can officially go on record as saying that Mr. Houseful and I are looking to buy a house. Currently we live in the heart of the city, and while I am in total love with the location and our SPACE in the house that we are in, it’s not ours, and it has no other levels but one. No backyard, no garage (and I REALLY despise the parking situation outside of my house that I probably mention it weekly on Facebook – yeah, I do.) nothing for the littles to be able to run freely in.

In this journey, we’ve had to go through some steps to assure that when we do put in a bid for something that we find, that we’re getting the most bang for our buck AND not creating a huge issue with debt (good/bad) in the process. So, we started the process of getting our credit in check, and making sure that we are putting things in place to make this time in our life as easy and financially sound as possible.

Another thing that we’ve put on our to do list is to watch my friends over at Chicagonista Live, the social talk show of Chicago,  as they share a series called GPS To Your True Wealth. Given that they have their finger on the pulse of all things Chicago, including financial wealth, I’m pretty interested and excited.

This series includes six segments with the first three being:

What Does Wealth Mean To You? – aired 9/10/13

worksheet available here  (DO THE WORKSHEET, IT HELPS) and a short clip available below:

– Feel free to copy any graphics from the

Navigating & Tracking – airing 10/8/13

Co-Piloting Your Finances – airing 11/12/13

They will have the dates of the next three segments available shortly, make sure to check their site regularly to be updated!

So, are you ready to program your GPS for true financial wealth? What big things are YOU working on that needs the security that only financial stability can bring? Follow along during this six month series and get your finances under control . Trust me, you’ll be happy you did!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

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