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The Houseful Cruises Norwegian Epic Days 4 and 5 – St. Thomas V.I

Whew! Travel blogging is a lot harder than I anticipated. I’m getting semi-lazy so I will just go ahead and put two ports together. We stopped in Phillipsburg, St.Maarten and Charlotte Amalie, St. Thomas V.I.

St. Marten was a shopping, beach area – we didn’t do much in that port. We should have known better to not have cash on us, but we ignored it, and worked with what we had.

The view was spectacular! Fantastically blue skies, with big, billowy clouds. They almost looked like cotton candy.

The water was wonderfully and deeply sapphire. I absolutely loved it.

St. Maarten - Norwegian Epic The Ocean - Norwegian Epic DSC_0639 DSC_0640

Our obligatory prom-esque shot.


Do not judge me, but it took me a LONG time to get used to seeing Christmas trees in 80 degree weather. They were beautiful though.


I’m going to buy a boat. The name will be Boat-Full of Nicholes. I will also buy a helicopter, and wrap it up mummy style so that tourists can stare and take photos of it.


This was my food. Grilled trout. Fantastic. I almost ordered a second plate. Almost. But I have to protect that food baby belly that I have going on.


Mr. Houseful’s choice for our fourth night of dinner.


THIS one I knew. It was the best towel animal we had. I hid him in the drawers.


Day 5 – Port of St. Thomas. Our ship is HUGE.


St. Thomas had all of these rolling hills with houses that looked like they were embedded in them. I wanted to go up there, but my fear of heights kept me from doing so.


Walking down a street in an actual neighborhood. I loved every minute of it. We stopped along the way and got mangoes from a street vendor. They were DELICIOUS!


Another street view. So beautiful.


Obligatory tourist shot.


So, these birds were talking to me. I took a picture and then went to try and take photos of the other birds, until I saw a HUGE board that stated that I wasn’t supposed to take photos. I didn’t take any more, but I did keep this one.


I love when I catch him just daydreaming. It makes me feel all paparazzi like, but in a good way.


The beauty of God always amazes me. The entire photo is just a work of art (His, not mine) and I felt blessed to be there to witness it.


So, I may have started acting a bit silly later that evening. My fro was huge, and I was feeling good.


We also happened to have THE BEST waitstaff on board the Epic, hands down. We at every single evening at Taste restaurant, and Kerwin and Itsel were so fantastic. Not once did we feel like we were “just” cruisers. They treated us so well. Often stopping to tell us their favorite places to go in port, and around the ship. Kerwin also made sure that we stayed on time for our shows. He always had a schedule in his back pocket (as I’m sure all waitstaff did) and always made sure to give us suggestions for things to do later in the evening. He also didn’t make fun of us when we chided that we were a little bit too old to hang out as late as some of our cruising counterparts. 🙂 I honestly felt very at home whenever we went to eat, and he and Itsel made sure to make us feel super comfortable. I’d be willing to cruise whatever ship they were working just for that level of customer service.


We did the 80s party. I did not dress in 80s attire. I was weepy. I will do better next time.


I knew this animal too! It was a walrus/sea lion/seal hybrid!! That little note card was also there to let us know that we would be gaining another hour since we were heading back into Eastern Standard Time.

Going through these pictures again makes me a bit sad. I think that I still have the cruise blues. 🙁

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K. Rock

Tuesday 8th of January 2013

Looks so pretty! I have enjoyed reading about the cuise. And I love the pictures!

Mrs. Houseful

Tuesday 8th of January 2013

I still get bummed that we're not on a cruise. What does that say about me?! Thanks for stopping through and following my adventures. Weren't you saying that you were going to be going on one soon?

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