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Teaching Kids Good Money Habits

Teaching Kids Good Money Habits

I’m lucky in the fact that I’ve always grown up around people with good money habits. My mom (Mor Mor Baby for those of you new to the blog) can save money like no other. My husband is a pretty good money manager as well. I’m decent, but not the best at practicing what I know is right, BUT I know enough to keep my children from blowing all of the birthday/holiday/just because money that they have around. I’m proud to be partnering with the Piggy Bank Book and it’s creator Andrea de Fraga in order to do so. 

The Piggy Bank Book

I attended the kick off campaign for them this weekend, and received three Piggy Bank Books for the three amigos, and one for myself (which I’m probably going to give to Nathaniel – yeah, my 16 year old) so that we could start entering the amounts of money into. First off, my daughters stash cash away in ways that I’ve only heard about in novels. Mattresses, dresser drawers, socks, purse. We found it all. They were very excited to see how much green money and jingly money they had! 


Color me surprised when I realized how much they had too. I can’t even begin to tell you where all of this money came from, but I can tell you that they enjoy having the feeling of being “grown-up” with wanting to spend their money. I’ve tried to figure out how best to teach them about great money habits without sounding too preachy or above their level of understanding. 

The Piggy Bank Book #RespectThePiggy

About The Piggy Bank Book 

The Piggy Bank Book is designed to help kids slow down, filter out the noise, and figure out what they really want. By tracking their money, your child will take pride in what they’ve accomplished instead of comparing what they have with their friends. It only takes five minutes a week to work through the ledger pages, and it will have a life long impact on how your child spends money.

Spending time working with the Piggy Bank Book will teach your child to thoughtfully purchase instead of mindlessly consume. They will develop a healthy spending habit to take with them into adulthood.

The kickoff was a great time to meet the author and illustrator, and discuss best practices with teaching financial literacy to children. The Piggy Bank Book Kickstarter will be kicking off on April 6th! Here are the levels that will be available for pledging.

The Piggy Bank Book

Please email: if you would like to commit to a pledge before April 6th! Support Financial Literacy for Children! Like @piggybankbook for more updates!

The Piggy Bank Book

Today, I’m giving away three copies of the Piggy Bank Book! Just follow the prompts below, and you’re well on your way. This giveaway ends April 10, 2017. 

The Piggy Bank Book – Youth Bank Ledger

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Tuesday 28th of March 2017

This is awesome and will be so beneficial while my husband and I teach our kids about finances and saving!

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