Sunshiny Day

So, I’ve made my own detergent a little while back, and I figured if it were that easy and fiscal to make my own detergent, why not try to make my own universal cleaning solution? And with that I went off to Pinterest. My go to spot for bunches of inspiration and of course recipes for household cleaners for days.

I’m sure that this is common knowledge, but it is nice to get some sort of idea of what you should be doing.

With this particular recipe, I saw that the person only used orange peels. Well, I have lemons too, and they are citrus as well, and they produce oils. Why not? I’m also sure that I am NOT the first person to do this, so, just take it as it is. My interpretation of something that I found on Pinterest.

What You Need: 


Lemon Peels or Orange Peels

What You Do:

Cut the lemon or orange open. Put the pulp and juice in reserve. All you should have lest is the skin and some of the pulpy white portion.

Put them in a jar

Pour vinegar until it covers the peels.

Wait two weeks.

Strain, mix with 3 parts water, 1 part vinegar solution.

Use everywhere and smile at the fact that for pennies, you’re keeping your windows and counters shiny!

PS – this solution is NOT suitable for marble as vinegar causes the marble to warp. Use accordingly.

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