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Routines Take Time – Make It Easier On Yourself

Routines Take Time – Make It Easier On Yourself
This is a sponsored post on behalf of Mirum. All opinions are my own.

It’s November, and most of us have had children in school since August. I know, I know, we’re trying to figure out where the time has gone while also trying to figure out the best routine because we just haven’t nailed one down yet. As much as I love to make things from scratch, I don’t always have the time, and I want to make sure that my kids actually like what’s coming out of a box. We decided to slip Yummy Dino Buddies into our weekly routine to see how we liked it and report back to you all.

Before giving you our thoughts, we will say, the ease of making the Yummy Dino Buddies was welcome and the options given to cook them properly were plentiful. We opted for the good ol’ oven because I could in a way set it and forget it (don’t forget your timer) handle a task for 15 minutes and then be prepared to plate lunch and get my adorable kids fed and back into the swing of whatever we had going on for that day.

One thing that I’ve noticed about the way we function is this – we go off schedule ONE day and we’re done for the rest of the year. I’m not kidding. Routines are hard for me, and my kids seem to have inherited that trait. Which is probably why we do well with our style of homeschooling and living in general. We know three things. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner. If I can keep up with those, everything else falls into place wonderfully.

So, what you’re waiting on is how we like them? Were they dry? Were they tasteless? Would we buy them again? The answers to these important questions are no, no, and yes. They cook up crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside. Not dry and chewy like other nuggets that I’ve attempted to serve them. If you’re new around here, you will know that my children do NOT hold back when they aren’t approving of a food item on their plate, and they cleaned these without me having to ask them to. I may have even snagged 2 or 6 to carry me through the afternoon. We’re big on sauces too, but these didn’t need any. However, the next time I pick a box of these up, I’ll be making a flavored aioli or garlic ranch to go with MINE.

My tips for getting Back to Routine:

Cut yourself some slack – none of us were meant to be super parents. You aren’t able to change into a spandex super suit at the snap of a finger. Write things down that you want to accomplish each day, and remember to add your Yummy Dino Buddies to your weekly shopping list.

Give yourself some downtime – the way we make sure our children aren’t overextended should be the way that we implement that rule in our lives. Don’t pick up too many school responsibilities, or book too many appointments for yourself OR your kids. Make sure to build downtime into your calendar, that way you aren’t a raging parent by the end of the day.

Breathe in and go with the flow – not all the time though. That may gift you with a house that looks like a contender for Hoarders. I’m talking every now and again. For instance, my dog decided to show his passion for barking at cats this week and took our entire window treatment down. Was I mad? You betcha, but instead of turning into that raging parent, I found a safe space for him – and me – and then sat down with a plate of nuggets, cheese, and applesauce and practiced my breathing.

Ask for help when you need it – No man is an island. This is what we tell our children daily. Yet, my husband and I find ourselves trying to go at large tasks alone instead of asking for help. I mostly do it because I will jump in to help if I see someone struggling, and expect the same – not him. He’s firmly planted in the “I don’t want to get fussed at, so I’ll wait for my invitation” camp. My kids are kids and will shirk all physical labor if they can. ASK FOR HELP PEOPLE! And the more you do it, the more of a routine you will create, and before you know it, you’ll have volunteers.

Yummy Dino Buddies Chicken Nuggets are a great alternative to standing over a stove all day. They help keep lunch or dinner happy, and children satisfied.

Stop trying to live up to the hype. While it’s known that I LOVE cooking from scratch, and canning and running an urban farm, there are days where I just can’t even. Head to your local grocery store and pick up a box of Yummy Dino Buddies and take it from there.

I find that if you follow these tips, you won’t feel like a failure, and you’ll still be winning at this parenting game.

A couple of things about Yummy Dino Buddies – including where to buy them, and flavor options. I found mine at Jewel Osco, but you can find them at Marianos, Meijer, Food 4 Less, Pete’s Fresh Market or Sam’s Club – so no worries on the grocery store front. They come in 5 kid-approved varieties – Dinosaur-Shaped Chicken Breas Nuggets, Alphabet Shaped Chicken Breast Nuggets, Chicken Breast Mini Nuggets, Chicken Breast Mini Fries and Maple Waffle Chicken Breast Nuggets.

They’re perfect for a day of working in a workbook or even lounging around for an impromptu movie marathon because it’s rainy outside.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.