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Staying Connected

Staying Connected

My Charge Mobile Charger

It seems that I’ve been speaking of travel quite a bit on the blog, and not really of the things that make travel a little more bearable for me. I do need to admit that I love a good social media hiatus for certain trips, but those trips normally include one of my family members and not me traveling solo across the world. One of the things that I felt that I NEEDED was my mobile phone to share photos instantly with my husband and the rest of my family. In order to always have a connection, I needed to make sure that my phone was always charged. I’m glad that I had an outlet converter and my myCharge RazorMax portable charger. 

There were two specific times where a full battery came in handy, and that was anytime we were in the village, and any time that we were on the safari in Zambia. I had full coverage in Zambia, and it was AWESOME to be able to instagram while on the safari, instead of having to wait until I returned to our lodge to connect to WiFi. The charger is so slim, that it doesn’t take up much room anywhere, and can fit into a pocket, or the back zippered pocket of a purse. 

MyCharge Slim Look

When I have a bag full of items already, I don’t want to add a heavy or bulky charger for my phone. I also don’t want the charger to be as large as my phones (currently using a Galaxy Note 3 and a Samsung Galaxy S4) either. I mean, after you’re made fun of for carrying a “television” around with you at all times, you kind of get over the comparisons. You also get tired of carrying around extra large, extra heavy equipment. Did you also notice that I stated that I have TWO cell phones? Yes, I do. Stop your yapping. I need them for, things. Thank goodness this charger has two charging ports as well. Most of the time, I’m charging a phone and a tablet, so I don’t look COMPLETELY weird charging two phones at the same time. I can also charge it via an outlet, or through my computer USB port since it has a mini port so I don’t have to go and purchase any new cords. Just use the same cord that I charge my phones with, and I’m all good. 

MyCharge Port Positions


Let’s talk about full size here as well. You see that pen up there (by the way, it’s one of my most favorite pens ever. Like, if someone sent me an entire package of them, I would love them forever)? This charger isn’t as long as the pen. When I said that it could fit into a pocket, I wasn’t joshing ya. If all you wanted to do was go you against the world with only your wallet and phone, you could do it, and keep a charge. 

MyCharge Length

Let’s talk specifics. You can get two full charges of your cell phone from one full charge of the battery. Or, just one charge of both a phone and tablet. It takes roughly half an hour to fully charge the battery. It can last up to two days with no usage before having to be recharged. Not bad for something so small, right? The fact that I can count on the myCharge Razor Max to provide an extra 27 hours worth of talk time if I need it is great. Not having to be tethered to the car charger, or constantly looking for an outlet to plug my phone in means I can go about my day, clicking away for great photo ops around town, or whatever country I might be visiting. 




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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

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