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My Ode to JoAnn Fabrics & Crafts

Don’t smirk.

I’m pretty sure that you have a pretty deep infatuation with some store, somewhere. Mine just happens to be a fabric and craft store that literally houses tens of thousands of things to possibly become more addicted to.

I had already been going to Joann’s for most of my scrapbooking needs since their coupons paired with what they had made me feel a little bit better. I also admit that I started cheating on them with Archiver’s BUT I kept them as my main scrapbooking craft love.

My wedding was my gateway to hard core crafting. All aspects of it.  I made the ring bearers pillow, painted some mini columns, made the flower girls their pomanders, and my aunt sewed the flower girl dresses for me and I was interested in yielding the needle.

It took four years and the births of three children to finally propel me into doing something about it.

I started with cloth diapers. Then I introduced PUL into the mix. Then knits, Then I made some cloth wipes. I was on a roll. Then I decided that I would make some skirts for the ladybug, and my aunt finally had the bright idea for me to sew a “few” aprons for Christmas gifts.

JoAnn was there the entire time. Gently leading me to the right fabrics, and notions, and letting me know that with her help, I could conquer anything. She introduced me to her wonderful fabric cutters, who shared my love of crafting. Some of them were knitting/crocheting pros, others did screenprints, and metal work, yet others worked strictly with the needle. Creating clothes, and purses, and curtains galore.

JoAnn has seen me through the holidays, and birthday parties, and even home decorating.

She’s saved me countless pennies as well since she granted me my 15% teacher’s discount. Homeschooling the ladybug has also become a little less hectic since JoAnn has been by my side. Lots of items that I can pick up for our Homeschool space, and “feel” like a teacher. It’s just nice that it can be a one stop shop.

However, JoAnn is trying to get me into trouble. She posted this photo on her Facebook Page this morning.

 I now think that JoAnn may want me to go ahead a flounder in jewelry making soon. My creative juices are flowing in anticipation. I shall visit the jewelry section the next time that I go in. Possibly. I shall probably put out feelers, and maybe, just maybe, another craft relationship will be born and I’ll live in harmony with Scrapbooking, sewing, and jewelry making, all while being the best teacher to the ladybug and the twizzlers that I can be.

*Disclaimer: JoAnn Fabrics and Crafts did not compensate me for this post. As a matter of fact, I’m pretty sure that they may think me a *wee* bit odd for how much I honestly love their store. I mean, I’m the mayor on FOURSQUARE for Petes’ sake! I just wanted to highlight just how much I like them, and don’t be surprised if you see another post about them, that shows receipts. Just sayin. 

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Wednesday 25th of July 2012

I had a smile on my face when I read the post as I was in love with JoAnn when I was in california. Everytime I went to the store I picked up something new to do and the store had pretty much everything to work with.

Miss JoAnn stores a lot :(


Tuesday 24th of July 2012

Oh dear. Stay away from the beads! Stay Away From The Beads! They will suck you in and empty your wallet!

Mrs. Houseful

Tuesday 24th of July 2012

At less of a rate than the fabric?! The entire store is just a vortex of crafty deliciousness!

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