My FIRST Mom 2 Summit is in the Books!

Let’s talk about conference expectations shall we? This was my first time ever attending Mom 2 Summit, and it was held in sunny Orlando, Florida and I should have known that I would leave this conference transformed. First of all, I’m the travel editor for Mom 2’s blog, and I’m having a blast talking all things travel and travel inspired. You should come and visit me! Given that I’m the travel editor in that space, and part of such an eclectic group of editors, I should have KNOWN that I would be inspired, and smiley, and exhausted, and lifted. The theme this year was RISE – and not only did the conference RISE above my expectations, I left feeling like I had risen a bit as a blogger. Hallway chats, and late night masterminds were just what the blogging doctor ordered. 

Dove was a title sponsor and they wanted us to focus on our #RealBeauty through our time there and beyond. My husband often says “you don’t know how beautiful you are” and I take it with a grain of salt. Mostly because I feel like he HAS to say that. However, I’m going to make a point to see the beauty in me, and to pay a little more attention to it. Here I am finding my tiny little picture among hundreds of photos taken from the conference. I’m so turning into my little sister. That girl could spot a photo of herself on the moon. 

Let’s talk about roommates for a minute. I had the best roommate ever. Like ever. Who knew that when I crashed her spot in San Jose a couple of years ago at BlogHer, we would become fast friends? I love Michelle because she’s an encourager in the truest form of the word. She is patient, and she has vision for those that she works with, and I’m honored to be among those folks. We worked SO WELL together during the conference, and being able to hang with her on this trip was just what my tired blogging soul needed. Neither of us is a lover of mush, so I’m going to leave it right here. 

I arrived to the suffocating heat of Orlando on Wednesday afternoon, and part of me was hoping that I wouldn’t feel suffocated for the rest of the week. I saw Michelle waiting for me in the airport, and immediately let out a shaky breath, and we went to find the Kia checkpoint. Having to NOT worry about Ubering a ride to the Ritz-Carlton (SO POSH!) was one of the tiny details that helped make this conference a must attend for me in the future. Along the way we picked up Adrian  and were forever bonded because of it. We even had a chance to meet her parents and chat with them for a bit! 

I’m going to end up doing a takeaway post for sure, because the sponsors were great. Dove, Kia, Olive Garden, Amazon, Best Buy, Toca Boca, Fresh Wave, Lentils, Flipboard, Today Parents, Babybel, Prudential, Facebook, Eagle Brand, CDC, Similac, Treehouse Table, GSK, Everything,Everything, Green Giant, G.H. Cretors, Motrin, UPTv, .Me, General Mills, Grass Fed, Munchkins, SmartyPants Vitamins, Tarcher Perigee, and Flipp were all in attendance and VERY open for conversation with everyone. 

Dove especially did a bang-up job of making everyone feel comfortable in their lounge, AND they were doing hair! I was going to wear mine in a twistout, but made sure to touch down and have the talented hands of Skyy give me a great updo! I did end up twisting up my front so that I could maximize the hairstyle for as long as possible. It’s still going! 

The immense sense of community that I felt as SOON as I walked downstairs to register was comforting. I haven’t felt this way about a conference since my early days of blogging. The excitement of something new and something that WORKS is definite. My list of things to do is a mile long, but I feel like I have a new support team! 

Carrie, Laura, Laurie and the rest of the Mom 2 Summit did a wonderful job making us feel special, AND like entrepreneurs in the same vein. It was appreciated. See you next year ladies! 

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  • Reply
    May 16, 2017 at 9:28 am

    I’ve heard it is a great gathering. It’s been a couple years since we’ve gone, but maybe time to go back!

  • Reply
    May 16, 2017 at 3:38 pm

    I was there too! Wish I would have seen you. It was very inspiring to hear the speakers. I loved the live streaming sessions from Thursday!

  • Reply
    valmg @ Mom Knows It All
    May 16, 2017 at 3:41 pm

    I haven’t been to a blog conference in a few years. I have hopes to go to this conference one say, I’ve heard some really nice things about it.

  • Reply
    Audrey McClelland
    May 17, 2017 at 10:15 am

    This summit is AMAZING! I’ve been going for a few years now, and it’s always so much fun.

  • Reply
    Marcie W.
    May 17, 2017 at 3:28 pm

    Looks like an amazing experience, both in terms of learning and networking! I have been blogging for almost 7 years, but have yet to attend a conference. I need to change that soon!

  • Reply
    Tiffany Haywood
    July 13, 2017 at 7:40 am

    I am always surprised by your Firsts – you seem to approach everything as a Pro and I just knew Mom 2.0 was your every year kinda thang. Let’s just say I was stalking just about everyone at Mom 2.0 this year. That hashtag was set on auto-fill on all my social media. I definitely want to make it a part of my plans for 2018. It’s great to see it’s a conference that offers not only opportunities but true connections as well!

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