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These days, the time that I most feel fashionable is going to church or a work conference. The only time that I get proper photos is on church Sundays. Mostly because I force people to pose and hang with me as these days of growing up seem to fly by. I can’t believe that my oldest son is taller than me – even when I’m in 3 3/4 inch heels, and the locs that I lovingly started when he was in third grade have grown so much. My little twins that helped spark the need for this blog are now five, and so full of personality. LOTS of personality. The ladybug is just – hard to really describe in words. Full of wisdom beyond her seven years, and yet still so childlike that it makes my heart burst. However, that’s not what this post is about. It’s about me. In an outfit, that I like, and getting proof of it. 

QuellyRue Designs Motherland Sweatshirt

I make no apologies about not being a fashion blogger. What I do know, is when I’m cute, I’m cute. Yesterday, I was cute. I paired a QuellyRue Designs Motherland sweatshirt ($46) with a skirt that I snagged from Old Navy several years ago, and a pair of Jennifer Pumps from Target. I call them my Mor Mor heels because I have fond memories of my mom wearing heels like this when I was young.  I thought that they were so adult. The epitome of what it meant to be a church going woman. These triangle toed heels that wobbled a little bit when she walked around. I wanted to be her. Now I am her. Walking around in triangle toed shoes, and having two little ladies attempt to do the same at home. 

QuellyRue Designs Motherland Sweatshirt

Let’s talk about this QuellyRue sweatshirt. It’s so soft, and comes in two colors – pink and navy. I’m assuming that she stitches all of her items herself, and I can’t wait to purchase more to rock on a regular basis. This particular pairing is new to me. I usually dress all the way up, or all the way down. Not half and half. Pairing a sweatshirt with pearls, a dressy skirt and heels isn’t my usual direction with church attire, but who’s going to stop me? Right? 

QuellyRue Designs Motherland Sweatshirt

What’s particularly funny about this entire day is this is the first time that I’m seeing the children in a week. I’ve been out of town on some sort of business or another for the past two weeks, but they saw me in passing two weeks ago. It’s weird where this blogging world is taking me, but they definitely enjoy time out of the house, just not for as long as they were gone this time. I think that I have quite a bit of making up to do for sure. Anyway, it’s quite funny to me that we all ended up in pink and blue – especially since these are NOT the dress clothes that I packed for Sunday. Mor Mor is always going to Mor Mor. Forever. 

QuellyRue Designs Motherland Sweatshirt

Now, my two boys. My bookends. The one that made me a mother, and the one that concluded my journey of motherhood. My Nate and my Sir Twizzler. I have so much to say about both, but it would take too long to do that in this post. Sir Twizzler was in the middle of saying Happy Easter (two weeks early) which is why we have movement. I love these kids so hard, and pray for them so much. Once again – I must focus. 

Notice the color on my lips? It’s a color I picked up in the Dulles Airport during my Shot at Life Summit. It’s a MAC Retro Matte Liquid Lipcolor called Dance With Me (a deep cranberry red,) paired with Cyber liner. I love it. Completely. 

So. There we have it. A complete outfit and photos of the kiddies, and me in a lippie! 

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