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Mazda6 Review Zoom! Zoom!

Mazda6 Review Zoom! Zoom!

Thank you to Drive Shop and Mazda6 for the vehicle loan to facilitate this review


So, here’s a little secret. I like cars. I may not be the same type of automobile lover as those that can tell you exact horsepower, and assembly line that a vehicle was manufactured on, but I love brand new cars. I have loved them since the start of our family tradition of renting a mini van during Christmas time so that we could go and see Christmas lights in our neighborhood without freezing our bottoms off. This Mazda6 is no exception, and the fact that it was BRIGHT RED was the figurative cherry on top of this loan. 

This car took me on a couple of trips throughout the city, including a spa day that I get to share with you a little bit later, and a special trip with me and Lil Miss to Peggy Notbaert Nature Museum for a media preview. She loved how great the radio sounded while we were on the expressway, and that’s because it automatically adjusts the volume as the outside sounds get louder. 

Safety aspects that I loved were the automatic brake system that’s built in that prevents collisions. A great system, especially for those of us who live in cities of sudden stops. Hello Dan Ryan expressway! 

Not only is the car sleek, it’s so smooth. I didn’t notice any gear shifts when I accelerated or slowed down, and that’s a great feeling when you’re entering the expressway. Nothing worse than someone entering the expressway and stalling at 35 mph until their gears shift. I’ve seen more accidents happen from this exact situation in Chicago, and it makes me sad. 

Mazda 6

With an impressive 40 mpg, I was able to last the entire week of the loan without having to fill up in the stop and go city of Chicago. It seats five people comfortably, and has enough trunk space for grocery shopping for six, or galavanting around the city and stuffing as many shopping bags as I can into it.

I would suggest this again as a second car for a family as large as mine, since during the week, I’m without Mr. Houseful and Nathaniel. All three car seats can fit in the back comfortably, and I can work around them. 

However, since I had to give the loan back, I can’t salivate over it anymore, and I am requesting if you drive one, to swing by so I can take it around the block one more time.  Thanks. 

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The Cubicle Chick

Wednesday 24th of August 2016

I have driven the Mazda6 and it is so fun to drive! It's a pretty dope car for sure :-)

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.