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Marcus Samuelsson Grants A Wish #MacysBelieves

Marcus Samuelsson Macys

On a cold day in December, Chef Marcus Samuelsson, and the Make A Wish Foundation along with Macy’s State Street,  helped a young ladies wish come true.  Wish child Sara had a wish to cook with a chef in Paris (that will come true next year) but to start her off on the right foot, she was able to assist Chef Samuelsson for his demo in Macy’s on National Believe Day, earlier this month.

What I loved the most about Samuelsson was his ability to dive right into his prep while we were all kind of wondering what exactly he was going to do with everything laid out for him. Short answer was meatballs, short ribs, and other deliciousness that I can’t name because I was totally involved with the short ribs.

Marcus Samuelsson Marcus Samuelsson Marcus Samuelsson

If you haven’t noticed from my other Macy’s Culinary Council postings, I love food. What I love more though is seeing  young people getting wishes granted. If you’ve lived under a rock this year, you’ll not realize that the Make A Wish foundation has been granting AWESOME wishes, like SFBatKid, and days at an amusement park, and now, cooking with a chef.

Those who happened to be in attendance were able to take advantage of a sweet deal as well. With any $35 purchase, you were walking away with this gift bag that included Samuelsson’s new book Yes, Chef and a $10 Macy’s Gift Card along with a cookie cutter, wine stopper  and  sprinkles!

Marcus Samuelsson

I do love when people give back. Whether you’re on a popular coooking show, or just an executive in a corner office, this is the season when giving back is even more important, because it’s the season that so many are forgotten because of our desires to fulfill wishes of our family and friends.

Marcus Samuelsson

I challenge you to step out and make someone’s day by granting their wish. While National Believe Day was December 6th, I’m pretty sure that it won’t be a faux pas to continue the tradition. I dare you. 🙂

~I am a part of the Everywhere Society, and was compensated to go and enjoy the Culinary Council in Macy’s State Street in exchange for telling you all about it. I hope you enjoy!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

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