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Legends of Learning Makes the Sciences FUN

Legends of Learning Makes the Sciences FUN


This is a sponsored post in partnership with  Legends of Learning.  All opinions are my own.

This year of homeschool preparation is teaching me a lot about my children and myself. Mainly, I’m learning that we both appreciate being able to learn on the go. The kids are all about signing on to their mobile devices and being able to complete lessons wherever they may be. The car and the backyard are their favorite classrooms these days, but I’m just happy that they are engaged.

I have a background in biology. I majored in it in undergrad and have a deep appreciation for it because of my teacher from my junior and senior years––Mrs. Tosto. She made biology class fun, and I often refer to my notes from the two years in her class––yes, TWENTY ONE YEARS LATER––when attempting to teach any of the animal sciences.

I need a little more help on the physical sciences, and I’m happy that Legends of Learning is around to make teaching easy for me and fun for my children. One thing that the littles have consistently asked for is more play in our homeschool days, and I’m releasing a “little” of my Type-A to make that happen for them. Legends of Learning is meant for the traditional classroom, but anyone can make a free account to check it out.

Little did I know that I can still be Type-A and the kids can still have a blast learning all of the sciences in a way that suits them. For this particular post, we are gearing it towards the ladybug who will be 10 once school officially starts for us in the fall. She tested out a couple of the games for me before we roll into it full time in September, and I think she surprised herself.

The twins ended up gathering around her to help her figure out problems from the lessons, and I feel like they would benefit from the set up as well, but not as fully as the ladybug will at this moment. Also, a part of me just enjoys giving her something that’s geared only towards her so that it doesn’t become a subconscious competition from the start.

Setting Up Legends of Learning

When setting up my virtual classroom for Legends of Learning, I was asked to go through each of the modules that I wanted my children to complete. This makes me happy for several reasons. I can anticipate problem areas that I think may arise, and I can also be ready to help them troubleshoot ways to complete each module.

Legends of Learning

After completing your setup, you can invite children into your classroom and set time limits for them before they can have free time. Each module gives you a guideline of how much time it should take, and you can tweak from that point.

Who is Legends of Learning good for?

This platform is geared towards children who are in elementary school or middle school. But of course, you can sign your child up if you feel they are ready for the content.

Legends of Learning offers more than 1200 science games and simulations for grades 3-8 across 144 learning objectives. Elementary and middle school teachers can find a game for every lesson.

Legends of Learning

Keeping kids engaged and moving at a speed comfortable to them is one of the benefits of this game. The gaming model increases engagement, lesson comprehension, and test performance of your children. The lessons are all specifically designed from the (NGSS) Next Generation Science Standards and are continuously vetted and rated by teachers. Whether in the classroom or in homeschool, your science curriculum will be take care of, and so many young scientists will be born!

What kind of lessons are on Legends of Learning

Legends of Learning is currently a science-focused game play site. The subjects range from Earth Science, Physical Science, Life Sciences, and other subject matter.

Legends of Learning

Legends of Learning

If you follow us on this site, you’ll know that we’re cultivating an urban farm right across the street from our home, and one of the very first modules that the ladybug wanted to complete was the Life Science – Plant Growth module. She was confident that she knew her stuff, and I was impressed with her desire to actually dive head-first into the lesson.

We’re dealing with a little bit of a reading struggle on our end––not that she can’t––she just doesn’t like completing work with a large amount of reading, and Legends of Learning has quite a bit. She settled in for the ride and completed the entire module with flying colors. Seems like all of that time out in the garden over the years has ingrained quite a bit of plant based knowledge in her head.

The fact that she often engages in game based play with her dad, brothers and sister before bed, helped keep her fingers nimble while traversing the garden and collecting the sunlight, and water, all while avoiding aphids. I’ll let you know that I had a bit of trouble with that part of the game!

If you are a teacher or a parent at a school who is interested in this type of learning, you can create your own free account on the Legends of Learning site today.

Legends Of Learning Online Science Games

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