Learning to Knit with JoAnn Stores

I love having children that want to dive into their creativity. After seeing her sister’s success with a sewing class from JoAnn Stores, Lil’ Miss decided that she wanted to fulfill her dream of learning to knit, and she took the horse by the reigns for sure. We gifted each girl a class at JoAnn for Christmas, and this is how each of them chose to use it. Before you get on me about the boys, we offered, they decline. Sir Twizzler couldnt’ care less about sitting in someone’s classroom for three hours. He wants to be free to be. That’s it. This post is about Lil Miss learning to knit with the help of Joann Fabrics & Crafts. 

This blog post isn’t about anyone but Lil’ Miss though. I don’t know if you can see the pure concentration in this photo. She was determined to get this stitch down, and I was a bit hesitant about leaving her for three hours (I just went across the street) in the care of a teacher in JoAnn. I LOVED the teacher though, and she wasn’t quick to kick the parents out of this class, because some of the little ones were young. One of the moms even got in on the learning, purchased knitting needles and yarn and learned how to knit and purl herself! What a way to market up, right? 

Anyway, a small part of me thought that Lil Miss would focus on this for a week or two, and then leave it by the wayside like most 6 year old children would. Fortunately, I don’t have “normal” 6 year old children. I have kids who have razor sharp focus, and she would always come home to practice her knitting. Quietly casting on ten stitches and knitting until she messed up. When she did that, she would calmly unravel and start over again. 

There were times where she stitched perfectly, and other times she added stitches or dropped them. That didn’t deter her in the least. We could find her in her room, on the top bunk, knitting quietly in a corner of the bed. She even stopped asking me to cast on after a while. Working her little thumb and forefinger between the yarn like a well seasoned grandmother. The best part of her knitting stance is her face of concentration. Brows furrowed, tongue stuck out, in a show of focus. It’s a sight to see! 

She finished her “doll blanket” yesterday, and I’m proud of her for seeing something through until the end. The only help I gave her was binding off the entire project. The joy that she had from finishing something was contagious. It inspired me to dust off some of my knitting WIPs (works in progress) and finish them before the month is out. 

I love my daughter, and I’m proud of her. Now to get my game face on. 




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