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KOA 101 – Port Huron KOA

Of all the traveling that we’ve done, we’ve never camped longterm as a family. The closest we got to camping was a forest preserve in the Chicagoland area five years ago, and we’ve never done it again. Until last year. We trekked to Kimball, Michigan to the Port Huron KOA Resort as the guests of GoRVing. Our digs for several days was a deluxe cabin with a bathroom and our own front yard, which consisted of a picnic table and fire pit.

What Lodging Did We Use in Port Huron KOA?

I will say that staying at a KOA has changed our POV for camping forever. While I know that the Port Huron KOA is one of the largest in the nation, it still put in perspective

It fit 8 people comfortably – with a lofted space, a bedroom with a full-size bed, bunk bed and a full-sized futon. We had a porch to sit on when activities ceased for the day, and a grill and fire pit to use at our leisure. Outfitted with gorgeous fall colored zinnias in front, it just felt like home for us. Here’s a tour of the space if you’re interested!

Our space did come with linen, including towels and bed linen, so we didn’t need to bring any from home. There was an air conditioner, and a shower/tub combo.

Port Huron is a 5 hour drive from Chicago and is a quick bridge crossing over into Ontario Canada. If you’re up for it, I would suggest heading over to our neighbors to the North too!

Anyhow, once we arrived, we knew we were there, because you kind of can’t miss the HUGE KOA sign.

KOA’s are known for these large yellow signs. I’m sure you’ve seen them on the lodging signs along the highway, and even around when you’re driving around a city popular for camping. I can probably say with certainty that the Port Huron KOA is probably one of the largest and activity filled one in the country.

We sat around a campfire at night and talked about the stars and our first camping trip in a different state.

We were able to participate in several recreational activities, but I’m pretty certain the favorite was being able to tie-dye t-shirts for a rainy afternoon. I love the way that Jessica’s shirt came out!

Little known fact – I am not a fan of S’mores but I do love creating them and passing them off to others. I was REALLY excited about adding peanut butter cups to the S’mores and watching everything melt.

All in all, our first KOA experience was a fantastic one, and I’m sure we’ll probably visit again very soon. The next time around though, we’ll make sure to stay longer than two nights AND to try out more of the amenities. They had bicycles available for rent, and two swimming pools, along with a small-town western store to get trinkets and things. I only put on a swimming suit to look cute, because the water was a bit too cold for me on that day, the kids and other campers thought it was just fine. I’m pretty sure they were right though. My internal thermometer has been off for a bit. Oh well.

Now is the perfect time for you to start getting your dates together for this camping season. It’s prime time to be able to snag the type of cabin, or tent spot you want, and if you have an RV, you’re in luck as well, because they have POSH RV sites too! And have you SEEN RVs these days? It’s like carrying your house on wheels – king sized bed and all!

I’ll be sharing more about our visit in Port Huron over the next couple of weeks, but did want to do a complete overview of the KOA we stayed in. Have you stayed at a KOA before? If so, sound off below!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.