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“I am in partnership with HealthPlan USA and they have provided me with compensation for this campaign. All thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.”

When you think of making medical appointments what’s your biggest gripe? Seriously, let me know. Is it the elevator music? The wait between your phone call and the time in which you actually see the person that you need? Or is it the amount that you have to pay out of pocket to make sure that your body is in good working condition? I think for most people the COST of medical care is crippling, and we look for ways to make sure that we can afford to take care of ourselves and those in our household. I’ve partnered with HealthPlan USA to give you my take on the program, and the ease of use for families. 

With a kid in college and three more at home with various quirks, it’s nice to have a discount plan to fall back on since I’m an entrepreneur. While I would LOVE to have a full coverage plan in addition to the one that my husband has from work, it’s impossible for me to do so at this time and still earn a great income. We also know how often medical appointments come up in the lives of families too. Between the doctor, the dentist, the opthamalogist and maybe the ER (we haven’t been since October thank goodness) once in a while, money can add up, and leave you feeling a bit light in the wallet. No one wants to be light in the wallet. So for those non-emergency events

Next month I can’t wait to share my full experience with you, and why I think that this is a plan that everyone should at least weigh in their discount plan options. We’re all looking to make sure that we make the best decisions for our families, why not save money AND stay healthy doing it. 

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